How to use wood to spruce up your home

In recent decades the elderly people  had everything wooden, from the dining to the sofa sets, they followed the decorating rule ceremoniously. But, change in times makes all the wood-style vanish.

Ideally, you can have a mixture of various wood hues to make a room appear and feel inviting. A blending mix will result in an organic feel that lends your home a warm feeling

Here are the various ideas you can take a cue from to match your wooden accents seamlessly:

Pick a shade for your home.

There are important aspects you must adhere to when flooring your house. Because the floors are versatile, ensure you know your preference from the onset. Choosing the best can change the appearance of your room in marvelous ways. 

When doing mix finishes, consider having a light-toned floor with a piece of dark furniture or do the vice-versa. If not, do pickled oak, honey-tones oak, glossy finish, or age-white washed look. Remember, in what you pick, your choice should be to mix and match!

Mix and match using a buffer

Sometimes using timber on wood can be challenging, and not everyone can be a pro to get the perfect match. However, it is the latest trend that you should consider laying your hands on. Considering giving it a try? 

There is good news! Use a buffer such as a rug between the flooring and your wooden furniture to break the monotony. Isn’t that simple? That’s not all; play around with other ideas with your house furniture and floor finishes to spruce up space. 

Don’t overdo the matching

When mixing and matching wood in your space, remember the thumb rule of not overdoing. Having numerous wood finishes in a house will make it look busy and unpleasant to the eye. Even if your love is undying for wooden things, consider using them moderately. Having everything wood will result in interior décor faux pas that may mess the space big time and leave you regretting it. 

Complement wood with a dominant piece

Too much of something is dangerous; do we agree with the statement? It’s the same way the interior design will never allow too many wooden elements in a home. If you want to improve your home décor with wooden items, select a piece of furniture having a dominant tone, then add effect to it by complementing it with a matching pattern. Consider trying different matches to achieve the desired design. You can try matching herringbone patterns on the floor and a piece of laced-tone furniture set for your house to look incredible. 

Consider the white wonder

Of all combinations, doing a white in a space usually improves the appearance of a house. Like in other setups, combining wood with white brings out some magical powers. They blend perfectly, just like basil and tomatoes. If your room is full of wood finishes and you want to try out some creativity, definitely tempering it with white will be the ideal solution. Remove the tacky feeling of space by doing a white element to get the perfect feel!

Strike a balance

While your main agenda is to spruce up space, everything will be wrong when you don’t strike the right balance. So, ensure you balance various toned wood finishes through your room to prevent it from looking awkward. 

Consider trying a balance of brunette finished walls with furniture having oak finishes and walnut flooring. Such a combination has everything falling into its rightful place. But remember always to break the monotony with some pop of color.

Contrast the colors

If your creative juices are daring, then contrasting colors can be your thing. Consider having high-contrast shades that work seamlessly with everything. For instance, let your living have light wood floors complemented with dark walnut chairs and plenty of other medium wood tones in ceiling beams on piano and other areas. 

Such a contrast brings visual interest that gives your space some excellent design while you keep on repeating the shades. Ensure you believe in yourself and try out different contrasts to spruce your home; it gives it a sense of continuity.


While these may not be the only tips to use in having wooden elements spruce up your space, implementing them can be a great way of changing your interior appearance. You can pick shades, mix and match using a buffer, complement using a dominant piece, and many more. The ultimate goal is to try out and make a difference in your home!

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