Innovative ideas to update your home

Having a lush bedroom, beautiful kitchen, luxurious bathroom and a spacious show-home style living room that accommodates your family and friends is the dream home for most people. However, the cost implications are a significant drawback whenever you think of changing things to achieve your dream home and often put you off making any changes.

However, what many homeowners don’t know is that not all changes are costly. In fact, with minor changes, you can end up making your dream home a reality. It means not every single home remodelling idea needs to come with a costly tag. Most of them are affordable, but only if you know what you are doing.

While a complete makeover is extremely expensive, especially if you need to call in labourers, textile change here and there can still do wonders for your house. Especially when you figure out what really makes your home a dream home for you.  Perhaps you simply need a better space for the kids to play and somewhere for you to work?  Maybe your doors need updating or the carpet on your staircase is looking tired?

Here are some easy ways to renovate your house to start turning it into your dream home:

Innovative ideas to update your home

Introducing kid zones

Nothing is more boring for your kids than having a home without a playing area, especially if their rooms are small and there isn’t much room to play. Whilst you might not be able to buy a house with a large playroom, you might be able to create something in your existing home.  Take advantage of space saving solutions in kids bedrooms to maximise their floor space and give them plenty of room to play.  If you have a room that is rarely used and has become a dumping ground such as a small upstairs bedroom, or unused dining room, then consider turning it into a kids playroom, family room or snug for family bonding time and an extra space to all hang out together.

Paneled doors

If your interior doors are looking rather dull, then consider using panelled doors instead during your next interior door installation instead of plain doors.  You may even be able to update your internal doors yourself to look like new, depending on their style.  If you have wooden doors then you can paint them for a new lease of life.  There are lots of unique internal door options such as frameless, glass and sliding that can add a unique feel as you move room to room.  Changing all your doors can be costly, but updating them yourself or just changing one feature door for the main living space, such as dining room to kitchen or living room, can have a big impact.

how to update staircase on a budget

Update your staircase

Updating a wooden staircase is a great way to add a statement to your home.  Even if you have a carpeted staircase that looks old and needs new carpet, it can be much cheaper to revert it back to the wood underneath and give it a new lease of life.  A new carpet on our stairs cost around £400, however we decided to go back to the wood and set a budget of around £100.  You can read how we updated our entire staircase for under £100 with paint and vinyl stickers that look like tiles.  We replaced the old 1970s banister for new spindles which we painted a crisp, fresh white.

Add storage under your staircase

If you’re good at DIY, love woodwork and have the relevant tools, then you can start to de-clutter your home and make it into that show-home style you love by coming up with innovative storage solutions.  One great way to do this is creating storage drawers under the stairs in that tiny triangle space that otherwise gets wasted.  Read how to How to build your own under stair drawers for under £100

home office under stairs

Add a home office under the stairs

Talking of using the space under the stairs wisely, here’s another great idea.  Perhaps you are working from home more than ever and you dream of having your own home office, but don’t have enough room to devote an entire room as an office.  But still, you want to be able to keep your working space separate from home life if possible.  Well, depending on your stairs layout, this may be possible to create the perfect space under your stairs which can be totally concealed and no one would usually know it is there! It could even be a play den for the kids or a homework office!

Upgrade your garden patio

Again, if you are competent at tiling your own bathroom or kitchen, then you can likely lay your own patio!  We saved thousands of pounds by laying our own porcelain patio compared to hiring a landscaping company to do it for us.  The results are amazing and if you feel capable, then you can do the same.   Learn how in our article how to lay a porcelain tile patio outside.  Porcelain patios are modern, easy to take care of and they look incredible.

how to restore weathered garden furniture

Update your garden furniture

Look how amazing our table looked when we restored it!  The old paint/stain had become so weathered and flaky it looked years and years old.  By sanding it down to remove the old worn off paint/wood and giving it a couple of licks of new stain/paint, it looked like a brand new table again!  Check out our instructions at how to restore weathered garden furniture.

Depending on your budget, there are so many different ideas that can start to make your home into a dream home, giving you the space you need to enjoy your home and making it look better on a budget.  

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