Innovative ways to add colour and character to your home

Adding splashes of colour to your home is a great way to bring character and style to your décor. The right colours can bring warmth to a room, can make it a more productive place to be or create an indoor oasis.

Here are some of the best ways to use colour and texture to bring character to your home. 

Paint your front door

As the first thing, people will see of your home, your front door matters. You should ensure that your door is a fitting representation of your overall style. The colour you choose for your front door will speak volumes, so give it some careful consideration. 

A darker colour is excellent for a sophisticated look, while a bright colour is perfect for bringing some quirkiness to your home. You may have to experiment with different colours until you find the ideal shade, but the results will be well worth it. 

Add wood details

Adding wood to your home is a fantastic way to bring texture and style to a room. Wood is a highly versatile material and goes well with any colour scheme. 

Whether you put in hardwood flooring, wood furniture or even some statement ornaments, wood is excellent for adding colour and vitality to your home. 

Integrate Personal Touches

Nothing says more about your personality than your distinct personal flair. Own your space. Adding unique and sentimental items is the best way to make your home more inviting. Hang up a signed poster, a framed mosaic of film photos, or your favorite flintlock pistol replicas collection.

Consider your colour options

While traditional paints are great for many areas of the home, you could consider different colouring techniques, which may help you achieve more intense colour results. 

Masterbatch is one great way of ensuring that you get the best possible finish and pigmentation. It is available in a wide range of colours and styles and creates a striking, highly pigmented finish. Check out Abbey Masterbatch to find out more about this excellent technique.

Paint the ceiling 

Giving your ceiling new colour can be a great way to refresh a room. A light, neutral shade like eggshell blue or pale yellow can be a great way to bring some colour to a room. You could also consider a darker shade that will add intensity and drama to the room. 

Invest in art

Hanging some artwork around your home is a great way to add character. There are plenty of options to choose from, whether you’re a fan of classic or modern art. A striking piece of art can bring a room together and show your sense of style in the best possible way. 

You could even consider creating some artwork yourself. You can find inspiration at a cultural event dedicated to art. This will allow you total control over the colour scheme, enabling you to tailor the art to your exact requirements. 

Add houseplants

Houseplants are perfect for bringing colour and character to a home. Many studies have shown that having plants and greenery around your house is one of the best ways to ensure a calming, relaxing environment. This makes houseplants the perfect addition whether you have a busy family home or a bachelor pad. 

Try starting with one or two low maintenance plants like cactuses or succulents if you don’t have much experience tending to plants. Once you’ve got to grips with these, you can add more and create a green indoor oasis.

Innovation and variety is key 

Essentially, in order to ensure your home is as colourful and fitting for the style you want, you should follow these tips. Out of all the innovative ways to add character to your home, colour is perhaps the most important thing to consider. Whether it be your floors, wallpaper or paintings, the right colour will really make it feel like your home.

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