Is there such a thing as a zen moving day?

In an ideal world, moving days should be exciting. After viewings, contracts, and waiting; getting those keys should be a celebration. Sadly, that’s not always the case. Moving days are, without exception, some of the most stressful days of our lives. There are, of course, the apparent stresses. These include getting your timings right and clearing everything out of the house. As can be seen on sites like Metro there may even be unexpected stresses to look forward to if things go wrong.

With that in mind, you may think the title of this post is pretty ludicrous. Who could stay zen with all this going on around them? Believe it or not, some people manage to almost entirely remove those moving day stresses. And, you could achieve the same by taking the following simple steps before the big day.


Label everything

Do you usually waste about an hour on moving day looking for the kettle? You wouldn’t be alone. No matter how organised your packing is, you may still lose track of everything on the day. And, let’s be honest; nothing is more frustrating when you move into a new home and cannot find those important things you need.! That’s why it’s imperative that you take time to label everything you pack. We’re not talking typical ‘kitchen’, ‘bedroom’ labels either, although they’re better than nothing. In an ideal world, you should aim to give a quick breakdown of each box’s contents. That way, you just need to check your labels to find the right stuff. It’s also good to have an essentials box that is last on the moving van and first off.  Your essentials box can hold your kettle, teabags, a few mugs, toilet roll, your handbag and wallet, and anything else you’ll need access to right away and don’t want to spend hours looking for!  With a bit of organisation you’ll have all the important stuff to hand and will easily be able to locate everything else you need with a glance at the boxes.  Aren’t you feeling more zen already?

Hire a storage unit

Another moving day mistake would be to try to get everything into your new house straight away. Are you trying to give yourself a heart attack? That’s a whole load of work, and it’s sure to leave your new house in a mess. That will only stress you out further! Instead, then, it’s worth hiring a storage unit like those offered by ahead of time. That way, you can ensure everything but essentials are neatly out of the way for moving. Then, you can retrieve boxes when you need them, instead of filling your new house the moment you walk through the door.  Of course if you’re lucky enough to have a spare room then you can store them in here, but if you’ll be using every room then a storage unit could be a genius idea.  It’s also a great idea if you are planning to renovate as you’ll want to keep belongings to a minimum whilst all the messy work is carried out.

Spread out the move

When we last moved house we had to do it all in a few hours and it was quite stressful!  We got the van in the morning and had to load it up by 12pm, ready for the new owners to move in.  We weren’t able to collect our new keys until that same afternoon.  If there’s any way you can get access to your new property before the day you move out, then I’d highly recommend it. That way, you can begin to move your belongings and gradually move in rather than doing it all in the same day!  If you are buying a new property or part exchanging your home for a new build, then this is usually possible and will reduce a lot of the moving stress!

Book at least a week off work

The downside with this gentler moving approach is, of course, the time it takes. Most of us aim to unpack the majority of our boxes within the first day or two of being in our new homes. As such, you may intend to move over a weekend. But, if you’re attempting this mammoth task in such a concentrated time, it’s no wonder you’re stressing out. Don’t let it happen. Instead, take a week off work. This will allow you to collect your belongings at a steady rate for the perfect move. Before you know, you’ll be all in without one moment of overwhelming stress along the way.

With extra time of work, storage solutions and a little extra organisation, you can definitely make moving day more zen.

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