Keeping your antique furniture in top condition

Antiques are a favourite among a lot of people to collect. Many people may have valuable antiques in their loft, but they do not know the real value of these items. If you have antiques in your possession then you will want to take good care of them, not only so they look good for years to come, but also to help them retain their value. Below are some tips on how you can do this with ease.

Keeping the patina

When someone is talking about the patina of an antique, they are talking about the surface of it, which builds up over time. The patina includes not only things such as the grain and colour of the wood, but also the imperfections that the piece may have. The imperfections are what gives the item its character, and if you clean the item up and remove the patina then you will reduce the value of your antiques. When you search for antique furniture for sale in the UK or in your local area, before making a purchase, you will want to ask what restoration work has been done to a piece before you commit to buying it. If an item looks too clean or new, then the value will most likely be affected by the cleaning work that has been carried out.

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Stay away from chemical cleaners

If you want to keep your antique furniture looking in excellent condition, then you will want to stay away from modern chemicals and cleaning agents which can affect the patina of the item. Cleaning products such as furniture polish will strip away a lot of the dirt and grease, as well as the patina, which will in turn reduce the value of the item. The best thing that you can use on antique wooden furniture is a natural wax and a bit of elbow grease. Do not use too much wax and always ensure that you rub the wax into the grain of the wood.

Be careful with the sun

You will want to be careful in placing your antique furniture in your home, and it is important that you limit the amount of direct sunlight that the items receive. The sun can fade the colour of the wood which in turn reduces its appeal. Try to keep the furniture out of prolonged exposure and you can help to keep the patina and character of the item.

Not too much traffic

After reading articles online that highlights the many things we all have at home that could be valuable, and finding that there are indeed items in your house that are valuable, you may want to display them in a spot where all guests can see it. However, it is important that you ensure that the item does not get too much traffic, especially if you have children. Always ensure that you handle the furniture with care and try not to move it too often.

Repairing antiques

Keeping your antique furniture in top condition 1Image Source: Pixabay

There are some antiques that require a certain amount of restoration work to bring back their beauty. Restoring antiques is a trick business and is something that should only be carried out by professionals. If you have furniture which needs a bit of TLC, then rather than purchasing a book about it, seek out the assistance of a professional and get the job done correctly.

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