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One of the rooms in our home that we have put a lot of effort into is our kitchen.  Sadly we have a small kitchen that’s not totally big enough for all four of us at the same time and it’s one of my pet hates.  We have made the most of what we have though by totally redecorating nearly the whole room and installing new worktops, a sink, lighting, flooring and even creating a kitchen bar stool breakfast area.  I’m sure we will continue to improve our kitchen in 2020 too as I still have lots more ideas!  In this blog post we will take a look at what I predict to be kitchen trends for 2020 and how I will incorporate these into our kitchen design.

Kitchen trends I predict for 2020

Let’s take a look at some of the kitchen trends I predict for 2020.

How to upgrade your own kitchen on a budget - white wood kitchenOur kitchen – real oak, clean cut, no handles

Timeless kitchen trends that will last

Luckily many contemporary kitchen designs are simple and timeless so it’s easy nowadays to create kitchen trends that will last.    More people will look for kitchens that are timeless and have longevity.

If you’re looking for inspiration for timeless kitchen design then B&Q have a collection of stunning handcrafted kitchens that will stand the test of time.  They are guaranteed for 25 years so they are designed to last.

Bespoke kitchen design

Choosing a bespoke kitchen design means choosing a kitchen that works for you.  You choose your own design and are not limited by an off the shelf product.   People will want personalised kitchens to their taste and lifestyles.

Clean cut lines

Simple, slick and modern.  Clean cut kitchen design with straight lines and edges looks contemporary and will stay on-trend.

Sustainable choices

I think there’s obviously a very important sustainability movement happening right now.  I think people are very conscious of the impact that they are having on the environment and that needless spending and consumerism has to stop.   Choosing companies that source their materials responsibly and have eco-friendly practices in place will be a hot request of customers in 2020.

With this in mind I think more timeless kitchen design will come into play. People will be choosier with their options and opt for kitchen designs that will stand the test of time as well as sourcing reclaimed materials and upcycling when possible.  The throwaway culture whether it’s fashion or our home décor has to stop.

People will start to choose and request more sustainable materials for kitchen cabinetry and worktops.  Natural materials instead of synthetic will be favoured as well as non-toxic paints.

In our kitchen we have opted for real oak worktops and white tiles with cream cupboards.  It’s a fresh, airy and modern look, but the oak brings warmth into the room.  It’s a look that I can’t imagine will ever not be on trend.  It’s a classic and it appeals to the masses.  Oak is a popular sought after wood.

Pops of colour

Most new homes over the past few years have been all white.  The kitchen walls, tiles, worktops, tables, cabinets, you name it… it’s white!  Yes it looks clean and modern, but it screams new home and sometimes a lack of personality.  Whilst white might be here to stay (and yes, we have white walls throughout our house) I think pops of colours that really stand out whether that’s a table, splashback or on the insides of cupboards and drawers will start to make an appearance.


Many kitchens have numerous cupboards filling every nook and cranny to maximize the storage, but I think people will start opting for lower cabinetry only and choosing more rustic looking shelving solutions on the walls of the kitchen.  Here they’ll display some greenery, patterned crockery and glass canisters filled with dry goods.

This is absolutely my plan in our kitchen.  I feel removing the top cupboards will make the room feel so much more spacious and less cramped.  It’s a great idea to maximise space in a small kitchen, but you’ll need to be very minimal with your kitchen belongings.

No handles

Handles will become a thing of the past as cupboards and drawers will instead have concealed handles or will open with touch release.  Removing handles offers an even slicker and cleaner look in a kitchen.

The hub of the home

No longer do people want to be separated from the rest of the family and slaving away in a kitchen in solidarity. The kitchen is becoming the real hub of the home and open plan living is increasing with the kitchen becoming a kitchen-diner-family room in many modern builds.  Open plan kitchens will continue to be a trend to suit modern day living.

Large islands

If there’s space for it, then large islands will continue to be popular as a space to prepare food, eat food and socialise with family and friends.  The kitchen will continue to be the heart of the home and people will want to incorporate socialising into their kitchen design.

Check out the 2021 kitchen design trends that the team at The Rug Retailer have put together!

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