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Lekto hardwood heat logs review and discount code

I’ve recently received these hardwood heat logs from Lekto and we’ve been testing them out over the weekend to see how they stack up compared to tradition wood burning fuels. We’ve just moved into a new house with a log burner so have been excited to see how it performs this December. We’ve also been using ash hardwood logs so it’s going to be interesting to see how these hardwood heat logs compare.

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lekto hardwood heat logs discount code

About Lekto Wood Fuels

Lekto Wood Fuels is a British company based in North Shields which offers a wide range of wood burning fuels. Whether you’re looking for fuel for a log burner, open fire, pizza oven, BBQ or an open fire pit then Lekto can supply you wherever you are across the nation. Delivery charges differ slightly but for most of mainland UK delivery is free on orders over £50. You can see more on their delivery page here: https://www.lektowoodfuels.co.uk/pages/delivery

Lekto wood fuels logo

Keeping warm and cosy

We love to snuggle up on the sofa in the evenings and watch TV or films. During the winter this is made even more cosy when the log burner is crackling in background. Not to mention Christmas when family and friends are over it make for the perfect warm, cosy environment.

Hardwood heat logs are described to burn hotter than traditional hardwood logs, be easier to light and create less ash. Another benefit described is a longer burn time.

How are heat logs manufactured?

Heat logs are made from sawdust and wood shavings left over from wood machining processes, so essentially they are made from what would be waste materials. The sawdust and shavings are forced together using high compression. This high compression means the logs can be made free from binding materials and chemicals makes these logs an environmentally friends option.

heat log broken in two

Are heat logs the right choice for you?

There are plenty of benefits to using heat logs as opposed to traditional hard wood logs such as ask, oak or birch. Price wise it’s not always easy to make a direct comparison due to the weight differences and volumes within each package. I have provided a quick breakdown below to make the best conclusion although this won’t be 100% accurate.

Material / fuel typeWeightPrice (average)
Oak logs18-20kg£22
Birch logs18-20kg£18
Ash logs18-20kg£24
Hardwood heat logs20kg£20

As you can see there isn’t a great difference in price across the different types of fuels. You will however get a different burn experience with each.

What are the benefits of using hardwood heat logs?

As you can see above, price probably isn’t going to be the deciding factor here. I’ve put the heat logs to the test and here are my findings. What you do get from heat logs:

  • A longer burn time. I’ve put this to the test and on average I get about an extra 15 minutes burn time with an equivalent size and weight ash log. Whilst this wasn’t a scientific test I am confident in the extra burn times quoted on the Lekto website.
  • A greater heat output. Having tested two heat logs on our log burner I can say the heat output definitely felt stronger than a traditional hardwood log. Again, no science was applied here but the handle on our log burner doesn’t normally get hot, and with the heat logs the handle was almost too hot to touch. Therefore I would agree to the claims that the heat log do burn hotter.
  • Lower moisture content. I tested the ash logs I purchased previously and the moister content ranged between 8% and %16 which is pretty good. The hardwood heat logs however came in at 5%! The moisture content was so low that my moisture meter struggled to pick up a reading! Thats amazing. It was even lower than my reclaimed wood dining table.
hardwood heat log moisture reading
Hardwood heat logs from Lekto
ash wood moisture reading
Ash log
dining table reclaimed wood moisture reading
My dining table
  • Easy to light. I agree. To get the best lighting performance it was best to get a small bed of kindling going, break one of the heat log into two (simply tap it on the floor) and place on the flame. It soon gets going. I even stood one on its end to see the flame shoot out the top.
Lekto heat log burning

More benefits to using heat logs

  • Recycled. One great benefit of the hardwood heat logs is that they are made from waste materials. No chemical additives used during the manufacturing process. Good for the environment and saves cutting down more trees for fuel.
  • Bright and consistent flame. These heat logs burn well in our log burner. The flame is nice to look at and burns constantly throughout the life of the fire.
heat log flame
  • Easy to store. Heat logs are all the same size and weight so they can easily be stacked neatly in your home. We tend to keep the majority of our logs stacked up under our stairs and inside a small log store outside. These logs fit perfectly under our stairs.
  • Low ash content left behind. Because the heat logs are so heavily compressed the ash left behind after burning is very light. You can also use the ash afterwards to fertilise your garden.

Are there any downsides to using heat logs?

With all the above benefits, are there any downsides to using heat logs rather than traditional logs? Whilst the pros outweigh the cons there are a few points worth mentioning:

  • Not as visually attractive as traditional logs. Heat logs look manufactured which might not fit aesthetically with your interior design or decor. There’s something very homely and warming about a basket full of logs by the fire or neatly stacked in a wood store.
  • Heat logs will always be delivered in small package sizes, wrapped in waterproof plastic. This is to prevent the heat logs absorbing air moisture, which can cause them to expand and disintegrate. Therefore, storing them loose outside isn’t going to be possible. They must be stored in their packaging and in a dry place.
lekto hardwood heat log packaging
  • The logs can move when burning. Heat logs will expand as they get hot, twisting and curling which might cause an issue on an open fire. You’ll ned to keep an eye on them.
  • No crackling. If you like the sound of an open fire that crackles and pop when lit then these probably aren’t the right fuel for you. They burn quietly. You could always add a crackly log along side a heat log for that authentic sound.


Having tested the Lekto hardwood heat logs and compared them to my current stock of ask logs I’ve come to a conclusion. And the big question… Would I buy them again?

Simply enter code WOODCREATE at checkout for 5% off your first order

Heat logs are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heat logs which is important to us. With rising prices of natural logs and ash becoming increasingly popular the heat logs definitely have a place in our home for the future. Yes we do like the look and feel of the split log but we can always just keep these for display purposes and have a neat stack of heat logs hidden away under the stairs. So with the little difference in price and the heat output benefits of heat logs we will be returning to Lekto for more stock of their hardwood heat logs next year.

Thanks for reading. I hope this review has been useful for you to read. You can buy the Lekto heat logs here: https://www.lektowoodfuels.co.uk/products/hardwood-heat-logs

You can also build up rewards points with Lekto for discounts on your next purchase. Simply follow and help spread the word on social channels and you will be rewarded. You can read more here: https://www.lektowoodfuels.co.uk/pages/rewards-program

lekto wood fuels discount code

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