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Lekto kiln dried birch firewood review

Today I’m reviewing the kiln dried birch logs from Lekto Wood Fuels. With January and February being the coldest months in the UK, this was the perfect opportunity to see how well these fuels performed in our log burner. Before this test we’d been using ash logs, Lekto hardwood heat logs, Lekto night briquettes and oak logs. Kiln dried birch is popular firewood which is widely used across much of the world for heating. But why buy this over any other?

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Birch firewood is very good because it burns evenly with a high heat output. It smells nice and does not produce a lot of smoke. However, birch wood does not burn as long as oak or maple wood, so whilst the cost is more appealing it might not always be the most cost effective.

Other benefits to birch firewood include:

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Quickly starts burning when dry
  • Decent heat output when dry and well seasoned

Read on to find out more about birch firewood and why we use it in our log burner.

What makes a good firewood?

It’s important to use wood suitable for burning in your log burner or open fire. You shouldn’t just use any wood, some can be dangerous, harmful and inefficient.

Ideally, you want to get the best heat output and longest burn times from your wood. Certain types of trees are just not suitable for burning due to high sap content (which can block your chimney) or can have the tendency to spit and pop. Here are a few pointers worth considering when selecting the perfect wood fuel:

  • Low moisture content (Less moisture = more heat)
  • Evenly cut (easy to store and fits in your log burner)
  • Evenly split (ensuring pieces are not too large for you log burner)
  • From hardwood trees (oak, maple, ash, birch, beech)

When I received the Lekto birch logs the first thing I did was test the moisture content. They claim their kiln dried wood is below 20% moisture. I’m happy to say that the wood all came in well under this with the highest reading reaching just 9.6%. Here are a few samples.

Lekto firewood pricing

Lekto sell a wide variety of wood fuels so lets take a look at the pricing differences. (Pricing has been taken in Dec 2021.) I’ve put these in price order for quick reference.

Fuel TypeWeight / SizePrice
Oak logs3 x 20kg (60kg)£33.85
Birch logs3 x 20kg (60kg)£28.85
Pini kay eco logs20kg£22.95
Hardwood heat logs20kg£19.95
Night briquettes20kg£19.95
Sawdust briquettes20kg£18.95

Knowing which fuel type is best for you can be a little complicated. You can find out more on the Lekto Wood Fuels Blog as to which fuels are best suited to you.

We tend to stock a mixture of fuel types as this gives us the best heat output depending on the situation. For example, if we just need a couple of hours heat then something like the birch is a perfect option. It will catch fire quickly and a couple of logs will provide plenty of heat for this time. If however we are looking to heat the house throughout the day, and possibly even over night then hardwood heat logs, night briquettes and oak logs give us much longer burn times.

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Why choose birch firewood from Lekto?

Let me first talk about the birch firewood. This is a great fuel type if you need high heat output quickly. Ideal for when you get back from a day out and want to sit around the fire to warm up. Lekto’s kiln dried birch is nice and dry, easily stored in their cardboard boxes and can provide a great level of heat output to quickly heat your home.

Simply enter code WOODCREATE at checkout for 5% off your first order

Why buy from Lekto Wood Fuels?

Their website is easy to navigate and is full of useful content to get the best out of your wood fuels. Their checkout process is easy and will allow you to pay via card, PayPal or Google Pay. Another thing I like about Lekto is their delivery. All their products arrive in easy to handle cardboard packages. No more lugging piles of individual logs to the back of the house in a wheelbarrow.

Save money on your Lekto purchases by buying in bulk and applying discount codes. Lekto also often have promotional deals on so it’s worth taking advantage of these when available.

There are 3 great ways to save money when buying wood fuels from Lekto:

  • Apply my discount code at checkout. Get 5% off – WOODCREATE
  • Buy in bulk. Save over 50% on certain products. Read my blog here for the best savings.
  • Visit Lekto ‘Deals’ page for their best offers.

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