Lekto Wood Fuels 5% discount code and more savings

Get 5% off your next order from Lekto Wood Fuels, the most popular online wood fuel retailer in the UK. With a vast range of fuels in one place you’re bound to find something perfect for your home. Get the best discounts on wood fuels for your log burner, open fire, BBQ, chiminea, wood burning stove, stove or fire pit right here.

Simply enter code WOODCREATE at checkout to use this 5% discount code


This Lekto discount code is valid for new and existing customers. Bag a 5% discount on your order and save money this winter on your energy bills.

Read on for more savings and to find out how you can save up to 55% on your wood fuels from Lekto Wood Fuels!

lekto wood fuels discount code

Lekto Wood Fuels discount code – 5% off

During winter, heating our homes can be expensive, especially with the current rising energy prices. Thats when every little helps. If like us you can heat your home, or part of your home with a log burner or open fire you can potentially save money on your energy bills and move away from the use of dirty fossil fuels.

How to apply your Lekto Wood Fuels discount code

Quite simple really. Once you’ve chosen your desired products, review your cart and then select ‘Check out’.

You will then see the following page where you can apply the WOODCREATE discount code

Buy in bulk and save up to 53%

When buying in bulk from Lekto Wood Fuels you can save up to 53%. For example, if you buy one box of Lekto Hardwood Heat Logs it will cost £32.95. However, buying their full pallet containing 45 boxes and it will cost £880.95. That works out at just £19.57 per box!

Discount a further 5% using my code and you’ll pay just £836.90. Thats just £18.60 per box.

Thats now near 50% discount on your wood fuels! Read on to find out which is the best wood fuel for maximum savings.

Where can I make the best savings buying from Lekto Wood Fuels?

Buying wood fuels for your home can be a little complicated with the vast range of products on the market. Taking into consideration burn times, sustainability and aesthetics each product has it’s place in every home, but where can you make the best savings?

Here’s a quick list of each wood fuels from Lekto and the potential savings.

Fuel typePrice per packBulk buyPrice per pack on bulk buy% saved on bulkBulk price after 5% discount
Hardwood Heat Logs (20kg pack)£32.95(x45) £880.95£19.5740.60%£836.90
Night Briquettes (20kg pack)£29.95(x45)
Kiln dried oak


£14.65(x48) £589.25£12.2716.24%£559.78
Kiln dried birch
£13.31(x48) £549.95£11.4513.9%£522.45
Sawdust briquettes (20kg)£27.95(x45) £720.95£16.0242.68%£684.90

As we can see from the table above table the best savings can be made when buying the Sawdust briquettes in bulk. Thats a massive 42.68% saving on a bulk order and a further 5% with my discount code.

So if you don’t mind the look of the sawdust briquettes then this would be the best buy in terms of savings.

I hope this helps you make a decision on your next wood fuel order. If you are a little unsure on which wood fuels to use in your appliance then have a read of some of my reviews:

Don’t forget your discount code at checkout: WOODCREATE

5% off discount code lekto wood fuels

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