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Looking to build your own swing set? Read this first

In the summer, without classmates or schoolwork, many youngsters find themselves bored. A clear-cut sense of weariness sets in for parents. You can only hear the phrase ‘I’m bored!’ so many times before you get annoyed. After all, it should be your kid’s problem to solve. It’s not always your place to come up with solutions to the boredom problem, but you can lend a helping hand. Here’s a completely achievable, totally affordable plan for keeping your kids entertained at home: install a swing set. Everyone loves swings. It’s rare to see a child that doesn’t like to swing. Let your kids swing on their bellies, twist and turn, swing high or low, swing slow or fast. 

swing set child

So, what age is the right age for a swing set? Well, it depends. Children as young as six months old can use swings, but most aren’t ready until at least eight or nine months. Every child is different. Invest in a high-quality swing set when it comes to outdoor entertainment. A wooden play-set presents a solid beam construction and numerous safety features, not to mention that it can expand and adapt according to your family’s needs. The fun and happiness that kids derive from a swing help them unwind. In case you didn’t know, swinging is good exercise. The constant movement of the body gives the body quite a workout. Get your children off devices and up and moving.  

Building a swing set Vs. buying – What you need to know 

handmade swing set

Even if there are several parks within walking distance, it’s more convenient to have a swing set for the kids in the backyard. You can build it yourself or buy it. A DIY swing set is a good idea if you have time to invest in the project. It requires materials that can be easily found online or at your local hardware store. Take measurements, ask your kids what they want, find the right spot for the playground, and build it – or hire a professional. In practice, several problems can arise that can make this DIY project a complete nightmare. Here’s what can go wrong: 

  • You can’t guarantee safety. You should opt for something that offers your children fun without the hazards. When you build your own playset, you give it your best shot and hope that it works. But the swing set isn’t safe enough for the kids. Accidents can leave them with serious, sometimes permanent injuries. 
  • There are no exciting accessories. As your kids grow, so does your playset. You can add all sorts of accessories, such as a playground slide, ladder, ramp, climber, swing beam, roof, canopy, rubber mulch, etc. These add-ons add an extra layer of fun. The problem is that they’re inaccessible to DIYers. 
  • It takes a lot of time. As mentioned earlier, building your own swing set is time-consuming. You won’t be able to complete this project over a weekend. Actually, you’ll end up investing a lot of time into building the swing set. A DIY project isn’t particularly difficult, but it requires attention to detail, persistence, and hard work. 

If you don’t have the time or expertise to build a swing set, it makes sense for you to buy a ready-made model. While you can purchase a swing set on Amazon, you should also consider shopping locally. Go to https://wickey.co.uk/ and choose a swing set that matches your style and budget. You’ll get a chance to enjoy personalised service and excellent customer support. Wickey is one of the few companies out there that pushes out good products. The amount of money you spend on the playset isn’t necessarily indicative of how much fun it will provide. A swing set with a more moderate price tag will offer perfect summer memories. 

Nonetheless, if you’re good with your hands, building a swing set is worthwhile. You have complete control over the finished product. No matter what your children want, you can make it happen.

What goes into building a swing set?

Calculate your yard’s square footage

Make sure there’s enough space for the swing set. The size of the backyard will determine the size of the playground. Know the shape and dimensions of your backyard, particularly the length and width. Multiply the length and width to obtain the square footage. According to the experts, it’s a good idea to leave a distance of at least six feet around the swing set to ensure maximum safety. This means putting the swing set at some distance from the home to prevent collisions. 

Know what the kids want 

Ask instead of assuming. What do your children want? This activity requires a little financial investment, so you’ll want to be sure you get it right. Don’t spend money on building a swing set that your kids aren’t going to use. Involve the youngsters in the process since they’re the ones who will be using the playset. Ask for their preferences and see if it’s doable. Think about building a wooden swing set, as it’s highly durable and easier to maintain. 

Make sure you have all the parts 

Before you build a swing set, you’re obviously going to need the right parts. What you’ll need is swing hangers, swing chains, swing seats, a frame bracket, pressure-treated lumber, anchors, and a hammer drill. Nothing can be more frustrating than discovering that one part is missing or (worse) damaged. You might encounter unexpected problems. Take as much time as necessary to inspect everything and make sure you have the necessary parts. 

Choose a safe swing location 

Last but not least, decide on where to place the swing set. It should rest on flat ground so that the swings move correctly. If the frame isn’t level, the entire assembly is at risk. Make sure the swing set has some shade. Not only will the children be able to play longer, but also you can increase the life of the play equipment. Shade protects the swing set against fading and cracking that result from sun exposure. The swing set should sit on mulch, which protects in the case of falls.

That pretty much sums it up. I hope this article has given you something to think about before you invest in a swing set. Thanks for reading.

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