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Must-have essentials for home woodworking

Creating your own at-home workshop will give you the freedom to tackle any project, but what do you need to get started?  A properly equipped workspace is essential for success, so take a look at these must-have essentials and less obvious tools to begin creating your very own home workshop today.

home woodworking

1. Space

To operate safely and get the best results, you’ll need sufficient space to work in. Extending your property to include a state-of-the-art pro workshop might not be a viable option, but you can customise your property to maximise the space available. Adding an awning to your garden will give you a covered outdoor workspace, for example, while installing tri-fold doors in your garage will enable you to manoeuvre timber and tools more easily.  We added a veranda which also added an extra space to work and store essentials.  Learn ow to make your own with my DIY veranda guide.

2. Insurance

wood working tools

Woodworking is a fantastic hobby and a great career choice, but it doesn’t always come cheap. As you build your collection of equipment, you’ll acquire a valuable selection of tools. Finding cheap building and contents insurance for tools is essential if you want to protect your investment. Remember – not all home insurance policies will cover an extensive range of pro-grade tools. Fortunately, Quotezone.co.uk makes it easy to compare providers and policies, so you can whittle down the choices in seconds.

3. Power Supply

Unless you’re 100% committed to using traditional methods only, you’re going to need a power supply. However, limited plug sockets will make it difficult and potentially dangerous to complete your projects. While switching to battery-powered tools is an option, it’s always handy to have the extra range that a surge-protected extension lead offers. This will give you the freedom to complete projects outdoors and in areas of your home that offer limited electrical connectivity. What’s more, you won’t continually have to unplug one tool when you’re ready to switch to another.

power for shed

4. First Aid Kit

Hopefully, your new hobby won’t result in anything more than a few splinters, but it’s always best to be prepared.

first aid kit

If you’re going to engage in DIY projects, be sure to have a decent first aid kit to hand. Don’t forget to keep it well stocked up and replace items as you use them. Tweezers and antibacterial swabs are essential for removing tough splinters but a well-stocked first aid kit should contain everything you might need in the case of an accident.

5. Paint Sprayer

As an avid woodworker, you’ll already have a circular saw, jigsaw, table saw, power drill, and a variety of other tools. One thing you may not have considered, however, is a paint sprayer.  Adding a coat of varnish or paint can be the perfect way to complete a project and a sprayer will enable you to achieve an even finish in a fraction of the time. To know which paint sprayer will work well for you, read this article on palmgear.com.

Creating a Home Workshop

If you don’t have the space or funds to create a dedicated home workshop straight away, there’s no need to panic.  As you build your collection of tools and find innovative ways to maximise the space available, you’ll steadily establish a dedicated workspace and an extensive range of equipment.  In no time at all, you’ll have yourself a fully functional home workshop and a highly coveted workspace.

how to build your own shed

Why not take things a step further and consider selling your creations?  Read my top tips for starting a woodworking business and see the challenges I faced from the beginning.  In this article, you can find information on tools and space requirements, marketing techniques and what to expect when looking for the right kind of insurance to protect your tools, workspace and vehicles.  One Sure Insurance can help you get the right kind of coverage for every aspect of your home and business cover.

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