On the press: printing your own artwork at home


Photo by Jessica Ruscello

Artwork can sometimes be one of the pricier interior design luxuries which people like to have around their home. Some people are willing to spend millions on something to hang on their wall, with paintings and other pieces which are important to collectors often selling for staggering amounts. Of course, though, most people don’t want to invest their life savings into having something nice for their walls.  The majority of us cannot spend millions on fine art or original pieces, but we still want our walls to look the best they can be.   Instead, to make this process much cheaper, this post will be exploring the best way to handle your home’s artwork by yourself.

The Printer

Most people don’t have the skills to paint a masterpiece, and you probably wouldn’t be reading this post if you could, so you’re going to need a printer to handle this side of things for you. Modern inkjet examples are much better than they used to be, with Canon, HP, and Epson printer ink being available across the web. This makes it nice and easy to print out extremely high quality images without having to spend a fortune on them. Of course, though, you will need to read some reviews before taking the plunge with a product like this and ensure you get the printer that is right for you.  We currently have a Canon ip3600 which does the job for printing admin at home, as well as printing our own prints onto glossy A4 paper to hang on the wall, which brings me onto the next point nicely.

The Paper

Not a lot of people realise that the paper they use for a print like this will always impact the final piece’s quality. Thicker options tend to hold ink more effectively, making colours look a lot more vibrant, while also looking nicer on the wall. A lot of professional printing companies will use paper which is made from silk for this, though you could do some experimenting to figure out what you like the best.  If you’re printing a photo then look into glossy paper options.  I’ve managed to print quotes and sayings before onto glossy paper which look great hung on the wall in a frame or even held up with washi tape.

The Artwork

Sourcing your artwork will be one of the more challenging parts of this process.  You do not want to take and use art that is copyrighted. Websites like Unsplash make it nice and easy to find quality stock images which you can use for free, but most of the options available will be photographs.  Try Pixabay and Pexels too for royalty free photos and sometimes quotes and artwork that you can print and use.

The Frame

Finally it’s time to think about the frame you’ll be using. Platforms like eBay make it incredibly easy to get your hands on affordable frames in a huge range of different sizes. Of course, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could consider making something like this for yourself, though this will be a challenge for even the handiest people out there. Thankfully, even a cheap frame will still look good with the right artwork inside it.  Check out The Range for affordable frames and even charity shops.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the task of sourcing some artwork for you home. A lot of people struggle to find affordable pieces to hang on their walls when they are using traditional methods, making it well worth looking into the idea of doing it for yourself which means you can create something more unique and save money in the process.  Just remember, you have to make sure that you’re not using other people’s work without their permission.

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On the press_ printing your own artwork at home

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