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Organise your room and improve storage space with these 4 ideas!

Small rooms can be cozy, but they do not always have the storage space you need. Tiny closets, too few pieces of furniture, and your room ends up looking disorganised, cluttered and chaotic. Throwing out clothes and books will not help, as you will gain too little space in return.

Luckily, there is an easy solution to the problem, and that is organising your room and adding storage space. Would you like to know how to go about doing it? In that case, this article is definitely for you! Lets transform cluttered rooms.

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Here, you will find a list of ideas that will help keep your room organized and get you the storage space you need, including investing in storage furniture, utilizing vertical spaces, storing your clothes properly, and decluttering. Take a look!

Invest in storage furniture

Furniture can do wonders for increasing the storage space in a room. You can buy furniture that is made specifically for storing things, such as living room high-gloss sideboards and small chests of drawers. They are great for storing folded clothes and bedsheets!

Other than that, you can always make a few pieces of furniture on your own! It does require basic woodworking skills and can be a bit time-consuming, but it will help you save money and give you plenty of storage space.

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In case you have money to spare, you can always hire a talented woodworker to create unique pieces of furniture for you. It might end up being a bit costly, but it is definitely worth it if you want the interior of your house to look unique and stylish!

Use vertical spaces

In small rooms, not having the horizontal space needed for bigger pieces of furniture is a common occurrence. Luckily, vertical spaces are much more plentiful, and you can take advantage of that by using these spaces to store your belongings!

For instance, a shelf can be attached to the wall and used for storing books and cleaning supplies, as well as small sculptures and other decorative items. It will make your room look much more elegant and clean.

On top of that, you can hang a few storage baskets on a wall and use these baskets to store toys, clothes, sewing supplies, and many other items! Any cluttered room will breather easier with some vertical storage.

Lastly, you can use the space on your door. You just need to install a few hooks on the door and use these hooks to hang belts, bags, and coats. It is the perfect way to keep such items organized and out of your way.

Store your clothes properly

Clothes are like books, as in they are easy to stack and can quickly occupy too much space in your room. To keep your clothes organized and tidy, you should ensure that they are stored in the most efficient manner possible.

For example, you can purchase special storage boxes that you can zip up and put underneath your bed. They come in different shapes and sizes, meaning that you can choose one that fits your needs perfectly, and they are perfect for storing clothes.

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If you are into arts and crafts and have time to spare, you can make your own storage boxes! There are plenty of tutorials on the internet that will show you how to go about doing just that. You just need a piece of cardboard, scissors, glue, and decorative paper!

If you want something sturdier, you can always buy a few pieces of plywood and use it instead of cardboard. However, if you want your wooden box not to fall apart, basic woodworking tools and skills are a must.


It is safe to say that a cluttered room is the enemy of beauty and organisation. It is great to have everything you need close by, but it can easily get out of control. Because of that, you should declutter your room on a regular basis.

For starters, throw away everything that you no longer use and need. You might be surprised by the amount of junk that you accumulated in the past couple of years!

In case you are not certain whether you want to throw a specific thing away, ask yourself whether you genuinely need it. If the answer is no, get rid of it. You can do it by donating it to charity, selling it online, and putting it in the trash. It is up to you!

In conclusion

To sum up, small rooms can be charming, cozy, and functional if you know how to keep your stuff organized. You can do it really efficiently by making use of the ideas mentioned in this article! They will help you keep the cluttered rooms under control, and you will no longer have to worry about having too many things and not having enough storage space.

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