My Favourite Tools

Easier said than done.  Is it even possible to rate a tool in a favourite category?  Surely each has its own purpose and therefore cannot be rated in a hierarchy of which I like the best?  Well, I would say you can based on the following criteria.  How often is it used?  How satisfying is... Continue Reading →

My Project List

With so many ideas floating around my head it's probably time to formulate my favourites list and start ticking things off.  With so much inspiration on the internet it's difficult to pull all these together but I'm sure my wife Victoria is going to help with this one.  Shes super organised and loves lists. :)... Continue Reading →

For the Love of Retro

Love these chairs.  Found them hidden in Zizzi's - Cheltenham whilst sneaking around the upper floor with the kids.  It's always difficult taking the kids out to a restaurant as they can't sit still for more than ten minutes.  So when they decided they'd had enough of food and wanted to explore, I went with... Continue Reading →

Farmhouse Hand Painted Dining Table

These farmhouse style tables are quite common now but if you're thinking about doing this yourself have a little read on how I turned an old run down table into a functional stylish dinning table. Your going to need a load of sand paper of different grits to get the table into a reasonable condition... Continue Reading →

Falling Water – Frank Lloyd Wright

This has to be my favourite piece of architecture of all time.  I love all of Frank's work but this is the creme de la creme of all architecture and quite unbelievable that it was designed and built before the second world war, between 1936 and 1939.  It's nearly 80 years old and looks like... Continue Reading →

Dining Room Pendant Lighting

From boring dysfunctional lighting to stylish, modern mood dinning lighting.  Let's ignore the artex walls and ceiling (yuck!) and focus on the hanging lights.  We found these by accident in Home Sense in Gloucester after searching and debating on hundreds of shapes and styles through B&Q, Homebase and many online retailers.  Of course buying them... Continue Reading →

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