Perfect dining table ideas for interior décor that give the most for their functionalities

Your dining room table is the centrepiece that brings together family, friends, and comfort. With the many styles of tables available, it’s no surprise that you can easily coordinate your room with beautiful fashion and elegance. Style, however, is not the only deciding factor when it comes to choosing a lasting piece of furniture. Practicality and function are equally important as appearance. A glass table top is versatile enough to fit with any décor, while also being the easiest to keep clean.

Solid wooden frame with glass top

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Dining room tables have long been built with solid wood. By adding a glass table top to a timeless piece of furniture, the design is given a sophistication that would suit any room. As a classical approach to décor, wood is an accommodating element that allows for many décor styles.

  • Rustic solid wood dining room tables are heavy statement pieces that provide stability for large gatherings, while also bringing a sense of history and charm to the overall style of the room.
  • Modern solid wood tables are better suited for smaller dining rooms as they are less weighty than rustic tables. They add charisma and comfort to a room with their stable, yet effortless form.
  • Minimalist solid wood tables are perfect for eat-in kitchens and places with limited space. While the table is constructed of durable wood, it carries the appearance of simplicity and minimalism.

Round glass dining table

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Sometimes the dining room is more of a leisurely room, like in a four-season room or on the patio. A round dining room table with a glass top would fit beautifully in these spaces, and would add style and purpose to any eating space.

  • Wicker round tables are a lovely addition to patios where the theme is beachy or coastal.
  • Utilize a wooden round table to keep with a traditional and classic landscape.
  • White wood is a delightful enhancement for a cottage style patio and garden.

Rectangular glass dining table for big family gathering

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Gathering together over the holidays and during special events is a hallmark of social life. A grand, beautiful dining room table is often the centrepiece at these occasions, bringing everyone closer together.

With a glass table top dining table, these precious moments won’t be ruined by the dread of cleaning up. Because glass is smooth and expertly crafted to remain durable for years to come, cleaning up only takes a minute. And the wear and tear your normal wood table has to endure with so many guests is more than you might imagine. Glass, however, protects the surface of the wood, while providing a classy appearance to the décor. This extra sense of luxury is also nice when looking back through pictures of the family gathering.

The choice of dining table supporting base material and design

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When it comes to a traditional dining room table with a glass top, there are several options for supporting material.

  • Wood is the obvious and classic choice to support a glass table. It can blend well with any style and can be carved into numerous designs to suit any theme.
  • Metal is another supporting material that offers stylistic variety. Available in shiny and matte, metallic bases are usually in golden, brassy, silvery, or stainless colours. Because metal is malleable, it can take on shapes and curves to the homeowner’s liking.
  • Some tables use plastics for custom moulding and simplicity of design. These tables are often used in places where wood and metal might not hold up, such as a garden.

In addition to the material, the shapes and designs of the base are equally important. Tables may be designed with legs and pillars, or they may be custom carved to create a unique design for a specific décor.

Furniture base top or glass table cover

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When making the choice to either use a standard table for your dining needs, or enlist a glass table top, the options are all about style and function. Depending on your preference, one may suit your needs over the other. By adding a glass top to a standard wood table, though, you can have the best of both styles.

Wrap up!

A glass top can be added to your favourite dining table to bring elegance and sophistication to your family dining room. Imagine your table not having scuffs or needing to be polished every year. With a glass table top, not only you can enhance the stylishness of your room, but also you’ll be protecting your timeless table from years of wear.

No matter the style you wish to use throughout your home and even in the backyard, glass tables offer versatility in décor and in practicality. Keep cleaning to a minimum and enjoy the beauty of your home with the use of a glass table top dining room table.

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