Personalised Christmas ideas for home, decorations, gifts & more!

It’s the time of the year where we all get into a festive mood, start buying gifts for our loved ones, decorate our home for the season and prepare our homes for guests. Christmas is a period that is often filled with joy and celebration. But it can also be an extremely stressful time if you don’t plan ahead and create the perfect personalised Christmas you so desire.

This article will give you some tips on how to personalise your Christmas in order to make this festive season everything that you want it to be.

Make your home your own with beautiful personalised Christmas decorations

Make sure that your house is looking its best at Christmas by putting up some beautiful decorations like lights, cards, tinsel etc. And don’t forget about the Christmas tree. If you don’t have enough trees outside look for artificial trees or look into local garden centres that offer a rent a Christmas tree service – these trees are planted again afterwards to reduce the harmful impact of continuously chopping trees down for one month of the year!

It is a nice idea to personalise your home for Christmas. Your home will be unique in its Christmas decor, but you might want something truly unique that no one else can possibly have by personalising it.  Ideas include choosing Christmas bunting, personalised Christmas tree decorations like these or Christmas themed signs that are personalised with your individual names or family name. You’ll be able to find small businesses on Etsy that make personalised Christmas decorations by clicking here, or if you are crafty you can make your own!

Use personalised gift bags

We make Christmas more personalised for our children every year with reusable gift bags and sacks, some with their name or initials on them!

This is a great way to cut waste every year too and in time will save money on traditional wrapping paper.

Personalise the dinner table for guests

There are lots of ways you can create a truly unique and personalised dinner table if you are hosting a Christmas meal this year.  Firstly, you can use a company like Aura Print to create Christmas name place cards for the guests you are having over for Christmas dinner.  These online printing stores have lots of their own designs and the ability to upload your own custom design which they will print and send to you.

It’s not going to look like a Christmas dinner table setup without crackers and luckily these can be created uniquely too!  You can even buy make your own Christmas cracker sets to fully personalise what is in the crackers for your guests.

The Christmas table is the centrepiece of the holiday season and it should reflect your family’s tastes. This year, don’t forget that all guests at your dinner table deserve a little bit of attention. Bring them into the Christmas spirit with some little touches that will make their time with you more magical. Here are some more ideas on how to personalise your dinner table for Christmas:

– Arrange the decorations in a way that tells a story about your family.

– Place small gifts at each place setting for guests to open, this creates more anticipation.

– Use personalised Christmas crockery.

– Decorate the table with your families favourite colour.

– Create a Christmas music playlist.

– Add a little photo of each family member in a frame at their place, a Christmas themed photo!

Card printed by Aura Print

Give bespoke Christmas cards and personalised gifts

We all know that giving gifts to those we love is a very special thing, but there’s something extra special about giving a personalised or bespoke Christmas gift. The idea of a personalised gift is to make the receiver feel good because they know that they have received something that is specifically tailored to them, making them feel loved and appreciated.  

We often get sent a flurry of cards from family and friends when the festive season rolls around.  However, who’s to say that we don’t want to send our loved ones something they will really appreciate?

That’s where personalised Christmas cards come in!

Personalised Christmas cards allow you to make a card that is 100% tailor-made for your loved one.  Instead of going with the same old designs or picking out a card from a shop, you can create something truly unique and special.  By choosing the online print company Aura Print for your Christmas card printing you can create your own Christmas card designs, or use their bespoke suggestions and personalise them.  

Card printed by Aura Print

Make your stayover guests feel extra special with these personalised Christmas guest room touches

Preparing a guest bedroom is a great way to ensure that your Christmas guests feel comfortable and at home. What better way to do that than by adding some personal touches into the room?

Below are our top tips for making the perfect Christmas bedroom for your guests.

  1. Add some Christmas photos of your guests in beautiful frames in their guest bedroom. This is a lovely idea to make your guests remember happy memories from Christmases past.
  2. Add a small Christmas tree, if you have space, with a couple of small gifts with your guest’s name underneath.
  3. Leave a couple of festive scented toiletries on a folded up towel on the bed for them to keep.
  4. Add festive scented candles to the room so it smells like Christmas.
  5. Choose a festive bedspread and/or cushions and throw.
  6. Add thoughtful Christmas decorations, perhaps handmade or personalised with your guest’s name.

Have a very merry personalised Christmas

There are so many ideas to personalise your home for Christmas this year, for both you and your guests, for a truly magical and unique experience.  Enjoy!

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