Porcelain tiles for bathroom flooring: exploring options

Porcelain tiles for bathroom flooring exploring options

While there are many bathroom flooring options to choose from, porcelain tiles tend to stand out from the crowd. Porcelain tiles offer several design possibilities, which is a dream for any homeowner who is planning to renovate. Not only are they an elegant option, they’re also easy to clean and maintain. This is important, especially in such a high-traffic space.

Follow along as we highlight some of the best porcelain bathroom floor tile options that are bound to level up your design.

Porcelain mosaic tile

If you’re tempted to play with contrasting colours and unique designs, there’s no better way to do so than with mosaic porcelain tiles.

Porcelain tiles with mosaic designs will be sure to grab and hold the attention of anyone who steps foot into your bathroom. Made with highly intricate patterns, porcelain mosaic tile options are perfect for anyone who’s excited about creating a bold and chic bathroom

Introduce European charm with mosaic porcelain tiles that feature floral patterns in earthy hues. These tiles add extra warmth and character to your space, if that’s what you’re after.

Amp up the drama with mosaic tiles in strong shades. Black and white tiles are a popular choice, but there are several punchy colour combinations to choose from. A bold floor tile option works especially well when your bathroom’s palette is more scaled back. This draws attention to your floor, while maintaining a sense of balance within the room.

Wood-look porcelain tiles

Wood is a well-loved flooring material that adds depth and a touch of luxury to the home. With wood-look porcelain tile, you can capture all of those elements in your bathroom without the maintenance that’s typically associated with wood. This option also helps you create a bathroom design that feels warm and welcoming.

Manufacturers use professional technology to create these tiles. The look of wood is printed onto the surface of the tile in high definition to capture the knots and grains that are found in natural hardwood. For many people, it’s easy to mistake these tiles for the real thing at first glance.

Just like hardwood, they’re available in different colours and sizes. Planks are one of the most commonly chosen styles and they can be found in standard or large formats. For smaller bathrooms, large plank tiles would make an ideal choice since they help make the room feel more spacious. “These are commonly seen in the auction properties we sell and look great as a more cost-effective option,” comments Ruban Selvanayagam of Property Solvers.

Porcelain tiles for bathroom flooring exploring options

Metal-look porcelain tiles

Metal-look porcelain tiles should be a top consideration if you’re learning towards a contemporary or industrial bathroom design.

These tiles capture the iridescent and sleek look of metal. Since they have a reflective finish, they look different depending on the lighting and the angle that you’re viewing them from. This is especially appealing for homeowners who want unique floor tiles to create a truly standout bathroom design.

Aside from its effortlessly cool appearance, metal look porcelain tiles are relatively simple to maintain. They’re highly resistant to water and stains, which makes them a solid choice for bathroom flooring.

Plenty of porcelain bathroom floor tiles to choose from

Since porcelain tiles are available in an impressive array of designs and styles, they make an excellent flooring option for the bathroom. No matter what aesthetic you’re trying to achieve in your space, you should be able to find porcelain tiles that will suit your preferences.

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  1. I do love a tiled surface. I didn’t know there were so many options available now; I’m intrigued by the metal-look ones.

  2. The ceramic floor in the bathroom looks very cool, adds volume and generally makes the appearance cooler and more beautiful. very tired of these standard bathroom floors, regular tiles look very old-fashioned, BORED !!
    I want to add that ceramic is very practical to use, it is easy to clean, if installed correctly, and there will never be mold.
    I am glad that people are starting to care more and more about the design of the bathroom, I hope soon more and more posts on the Internet will be with such wonderful content.

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