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Practical and stylish chest of drawers – a multifunctional furniture

Commodes, also known as chests of drawers, are highly versatile and practical pieces of furniture that can be used in various rooms throughout your home. Whether it’s in the living room, bedroom, baby’s room, office, or hallway, a functional chest of drawers can fulfil its role seamlessly and meet all your expectations.

In the living room, a commode can serve as a stylish storage solution for books, magazines, or board games, while also providing a surface for displaying decorative items like lamps or photo frames. In the bedroom, it can be used to store clothes, accessories, or linens, helping to keep your space tidy and organised. In the baby’s room, a chest of drawers can store diapers, baby clothes, and other essentials, making it a practical addition to your nursery.

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In the office, a commode can be utilised to store office supplies, stationery, and documents, helping you keep your workspace neat and clutter-free. In the hallway, it can serve as a convenient storage solution for shoes, bags, or keys, helping you keep your entryway organised and tidy.

The versatility of a chest of drawers doesn’t end there! It can also be repurposed in creative ways. For example, it can be used as a bar cabinet to store glassware and bottles, or as a media console to hold electronics and entertainment items in the living room. It can even be transformed into a vanity with a mirror and a stool in your bedroom or bathroom.

Chest of drawers as a place to work

When you’re living in a cosy apartment with limited space, maximising every inch becomes crucial. A chest of drawers can serve multiple purposes beyond just storing clothes. By choosing a dresser with a flat top, you can transform it into a versatile piece of furniture that can function as both a bureau and a desk.

The drawers inside the dresser can be used to keep important documents, notebooks, and other essentials organised and easily accessible. The flat top of the dresser provides a stable surface where you can set up your own private office. Simply add a chair or an armchair, and you’ve created a compact workspace that fits perfectly in your apartment.

chest drawers desk etsy
Chest of drawers desk Etsy

With a chest of drawers turned into a bureau or desk, you can make the most of your small space. It’s a practical solution for those who need storage for their belongings and a functional workspace without sacrificing valuable floor space. So, whether you need a place to work, study, or simply stay organised, a dresser with a flat top can be a smart choice for your apartment.

Practical gadgets

To further enhance the functionality and comfort of your chest of drawers, you can consider incorporating some practical and useful gadgets into your setup. Here are some examples:

  1. Desk pad: A desk pad can help protect the surface of your commode from scratches, spills, and other damages. It can also provide a smooth and comfortable writing or working surface, making your chest of drawers even more functional.
  2. Document organiser: Keeping your important documents organised is crucial for a well-managed space. A document organiser can help you keep track of important papers such as bills, receipts, or contracts, ensuring they are easily accessible and safe.
  3. Office accessory organiser: To keep your pens, pencils, scissors, glue, and other important office accessories within reach and neatly organised, consider using an organiser specifically designed for these items. This can help you maintain a tidy and efficient workspace.
  4. Desk lamp: If you plan to use your chest of drawers as a work or study station, a desk lamp can be a valuable addition. It can provide ample lighting for your tasks, making your work during nighttime healthier and more comfortable.

By incorporating these practical gadgets into your chest of drawers setup, you can optimise its functionality and create a more comfortable and efficient working or studying environment.

Chest of drawers as a TV table

If you do not have enough space for a chest of drawers and a TV table, you can always transform your chest of drawers into a simple and practical TV cabinet. You can just put your TV on top of the commode and keep all of the wires, a TV decoder, a Wi-Fi router, a game console and all of your other stuff inside the drawers, or on the shelves. Not to mention, that your living room will be much more in order than before because there will be no wires all over it.

Chest of drawers as a bar

Transforming a chest of drawers into a bar is a clever and versatile idea that adds elegance to your living room or dining room. Look for a chest of drawers with multiple shelves or drawers, providing ample storage space for your collection of alcohol, glassware, and other bar accessories. You can organise your bottles of alcohol, wine glasses, shot glasses, or champagne glasses neatly within the drawers or on the shelves.

chest of drawers bar etsy
Chest of drawers as a bar Etsy

To add an extra touch of sophistication, consider choosing a chest of drawers with glass shelves. This allows you to showcase your favourite or most luxurious bottles of alcohol, creating an eye-catching display that can become a conversation starter for guests. You can arrange the bottles based on their shapes, colours, or themes, creating a visually appealing and organised bar setup.

Additionally, you can personalise the bar area by adding other decorative elements such as a cocktail shaker, a wine opener, or a decorative tray for garnishes. You can also add some mood lighting with a small lamp or LED strip lights to create a cosy and inviting ambience for your bar area.

Chest of drawers as a bench with a seat

Don’t be quick to discard or sell your old chest of drawers if you’re no longer using them. Instead, consider repurposing it into a unique and functional bench with a seat. This creative transformation can not only save you money on purchasing new furniture but also add a stylish and practical piece to your home.

To create a bench with a seat, start by removing the top of the chest of drawers. This can usually be done by unscrewing or detaching it from the rest of the piece. Once the top is removed, you can then add a soft and comfortable seat cushion to create a cosy seating area. You can choose a cushion that complements your home decor and adds comfort for sitting.

drawers seat etsy
Chest of drawers with seat Etsy

The drawers and shelves of the chest of drawers can also be repurposed for storage. The drawers can be used to store items such as shoes, blankets, or other accessories, while the shelves can hold baskets, books, or decorative items. This adds functional storage to your bench, helping you keep your space organised and clutter-free.

To further customise your bench, you can add additional elements such as decorative knobs, handles, or upholstery to enhance its appearance and comfort. You can also paint or stain the bench to match your interior design style or add a coat of protective finish to ensure durability.

The end result is a unique and functional bench with a seat that can be a focal point in any room, whether it’s in the entryway, bedroom, or living room. It’s a creative way to give new life to your old chest of drawers and add a stylish and practical piece of furniture to your home decor.

Chest of drawers as a coffee table

Transforming a simple and versatile chest of drawers into a coffee table for your living room is easy and practical. By removing the furniture’s legs and reducing its height, you can create a unique and functional coffee table that adds style and functionality to your living space.

coffee table drawers etsy
Coffee table chest of drawers Etsy

In addition to repurposing your chest of drawers as a coffee table, you can also enhance its aesthetics with decorative ornaments. Consider adding candles or candlesticks to create a cosy and warm ambience in your living room. Coordinating cup coasters can keep your coffee table clean and neat while adding a touch of elegance. Decorative bowls or trays can be used to hold snacks and sweets for entertaining guests, while flowers in a vase or small pots can bring a touch of natural beauty to your coffee table.

These ornaments add visual appeal to your coffee table and contribute to your living room’s overall aesthetics. They can help create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere while keeping your space organised and tidy.

Chest of drawers as a dressing table

A chest of drawers can also serve as a stylish and functional dressing table. Simply add a chair or an armchair, place a mirror on it, and include some small baskets or containers for your makeup or hair-brushing routine. You can also use drawers or shelves to store your perfume or keep your jewellery in a casket. With these additions, you’ll have a perfect place to get ready for the day, with all your essentials organised and easily accessible in one convenient spot.

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Furniture with a big potential

A chest of drawers is a furniture piece with tremendous potential. As shown by the various ideas mentioned above, it can be transformed into different functional pieces such as a bar, a bench, a coffee table, or a dressing table. With its versatile design and storage capabilities, a chest of drawers offers endless possibilities for repurposing and customization to suit your specific needs and style. Don’t let this furniture’s potential go to waste – unleash your creativity and explore the numerous ways you can transform a simple chest of drawers into a unique and practical piece of furniture for your home.

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