Practical furniture for holiday homes

You already have, or, you’re thinking about setting up your own holiday let, an Airbnb or similar rental to make a little extra income.  This sounds simple enough but one thing many don’t put a lot of thought into is getting the right kind of furniture for the space.  Some may be shopping on a budget whilst others may want to indulge their guests with lavish items and expensive designer furniture.

Whatever your budget, it’s important to always think about the practicality of an item and bear in mind these following points.  Is it functional for designated room?   Does it fit with the overall decor, theme or style of the house?  And finally, will it be durable?  Let’s take a look at each one of these in a little more detail.

Practical furniture

Are the items functional?

Just popping down to the local second-hand furniture shop and filling your car or van with random furniture isn’t the right approach.  Yes, you might come away with a load of reasonably beautiful items but are they right for each room and space throughout the home?  Most likely not.

So before you shoot out to buy anything, spend some time in your holiday home and really think about what you need in each room.  Spending at least 10 minutes in each room with a pencil and notebook will allow you to visualise in more detail what you might need.

It’s also worth getting in the mindset of a guest and thinking about what you would need throughout out your normal daily routines.  Try acting out a routine like getting ready for bed, or cooking breakfast in the morning.  What might you need?  What furniture is essential and what would be a nice to have?

Once you have a functional list it’s time to start thinking about the next steps.

What style decor should my holiday home be?

Interior design might not be your strong point but it doesn’t have to be.  With thousands of articles and sites like Pinterest online anyone can be creative with their interiors and make them looks fantastic without too much effort.  Try and stick to some of these golden rules and take a look at this article from Schofields to get you started on the right track.

Try picking a theme and sticking with it, as some may be put off by a mish mash of styles in each room.

Consider keeping spaces spacious.  Over crowded rooms can be overbearing and busy on the mind, and remember that your guests are likely there to relax and unwind.  So be careful not to buy furniture that’s too big for the rooms.


There’s no harm in showing off a little bit of your personality but don’t go overboard, try and keep things simple and avoid over cluttering a space.  Try to chose furniture and ornaments that are somewhat neutral and easily replaced should the worst happen.

Durable or fragile furniture?

For most of us, durable and hard wearing furniture is a must in our holiday homes.  This can easily be achieved on quite a low budget when buy second hand items.  If you own a few basic tools like a sander and some varnish then you’ll easily be able to revitalise solid wood furniture.

Try and avoid cheap veneer furniture and laminated items such as Ikea furniture as these will tend to age badly and will be far less durable than any solid wood.

If you’re buying second hand items, make sure you test them well; check for wobbly legs and poor repair jobs.  Remember, the thicker the wood the longer it will last.

Not everything has to be solid wood, you might want to go for a mid-century style decor and something a little more stylish but remember to look for items that are well built and have strong joins and solid structures.

If there’s any movement in furniture structure it’s a sign of poor design and construction.  Your furniture is going to be well used by your guests, some of which may be very heavy handed, so getting this part right is a must for the longevity of your home.

So there we have it, a few simple things to think about before you furnish (or re-furnish) your holiday home.  If you want to create a successful holiday let, stick to these key guidelines and your guests will leave positive reviews, they’ll want to return and they’ll tell all their friends about it.

Practical furniture for holiday homes

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