Pro tips to make your model house a luxury home

You did it! You hit the lottery and went out and bought the house that you have always dreamed of. While the papers have your names on them, it is surreal. It takes a bit to take a house, no matter how lovely it is, and make it a home. We will tell you some easy ways to decorate your home to look and feel rich. In doing so, we will help you make your house into your home.

Consider who lives there.

If you have children and pets, do not decorate your house in a way where they cannot be who they are. Have areas where your children can sit and play. If you want a formal living room or dining room, have one. Decorate it in fine wood, lovely crystal, and light colours. Don’t give your toddler or cocker spaniel access to the room.

Design your home for everyone in the family. No one wants to live where they are afraid of spilling their milk or jumping on a chair.

Replace the light bulbs.

Model homes are filled with cheap light bulbs. A good bulb gives off a shine that is soft and true. It doesn’t flicker, making it hard to read. Remember, lamps are for reading, and overheads should be connected to a dimmer switch. These are easy accents you can add yourself.

Do more with your windows.

If your room has windows that are placed correctly, use them. Use window covers that draw attention to the natural light and accent the sunlight you are blessed with. Let the windows serve as a backdrop to your furniture. Consider wooden shutters or flowing white drapes. Use the items you love to make your rooms unique.

Make the room larger with reflection.

Place framed mirrors on the wall opposite the windows. Refrain from arranging the mirrors or tiles in the shape of the windows. Instead, go with a round arrangement or a collage of different mirrors. You may use copper or stainless steel frames. You can also use a frame with mirrored trim while framing a picture in the centre. Photos of your life attached tell visitors it is your home.

Create an accent wall.

Show your love for colour. Paint a primary wall in a colour different from the rest of the room. The wall is a great place to display your art, framed fabric, or unique items that mean something to you.

  • Marbled charcoal
  • Greens of nature
  • EmeraldSageLime
  • Forest green
  • Blues of nature
  • Sky blue
  • Sea blue-green
  • Teal
  • Robin’s Egg

Wall art

Family pictures make a great accent for hallways or beside stairs. Other walls should feature larger artwork. Estate sales are great places to purchase expensive oil paintings and pencil drawings for cheap.

Frame lovely fabrics like silk patterns or satin pieces. You can easily find remnants at your local fabric store. Also, look around your home. Would you like to preserve a piece of silk blouse that is no longer wearable but has meaning to you? Cut a piece of it and place it in a frame. Be sure to mark it, so future generations will know what it stands for.

Modern touches

In 2023 you will see wall baskets in bathrooms, glass jars with candles, and other things inside displayed on tables. Homemade tea trays and vases with tall twigs will grace family rooms and bedrooms.


Anything goes with floors this year. DIY hardwood floors simply lock and pop together. You can install hardwood floors if you can handle a saw and a glue gun. Be sure you carpet playrooms and children’s bedrooms for their safety.


If you want to look wealthy, buy leather furniture. Quality leather furniture in basic colors will serve you well for many years. You can purchase one or two trendy furniture pieces, like a yellow, overstuffed chair. That is enough to give you a trendy look without wasting money on something you will donate in a couple of years.

To trend your room, use throw pillows and throw rugs. Tie colours together with silk flowers, distressed entry tables, and lamps. You can have the best furniture, balanced with the newest trends. When that trend fades, you have little invested in the trendy item to replace.


If you want to look like you won the lottery, buy quality. If you want to add some trendy things, do it sparingly. Take the time to think of every member of the family and give them their space in their way. You will have neighbours lining up to see what your secret is. But, if your secret is that you won the lottery, you may want to keep that information private. After all, you want to make your dreams come true before being asked for assistance.

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