Product Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions of purchase and ownership will help you understand what to expect when buying a Wood Create piece of furniture.


  1. When confirming an order for any furniture we take 100% payment for the order total.
  2. Lead times for bespoke items will vary depending on the order but you should expect 3 – 6 weeks.  This can sometimes be longer but this will be made clear before ordering your item(s).  We always aim to create your item(s) as fast as possible and in some cases can exceed expectations.

Cracks and movement in wood

These terms primarily apply to all of our solid wood products.  Desks and other smaller items that have been made from manufactured planks will not incur the same cracking or splitting that larger pieces might.

  1. Seasoning – As wood is a natural material it’s quite common to have cracks, especially when wider pieces are used.  The wider the wood, the more likely it is to have or develop a crack.  These cracks normally occur during the drying process, both when the wood is curing and secondly during the kiln drying process.  Upon request these crack can be filled using a wood filler or epoxy resin and can also be left open. When left open we can clean and tidy the crack to emphasise the nature of the wood. Cracks will be left as they are unless specifically requested to be filled.
  2. After delivery – Further cracks or movements may appear after the table has been made and has been delivered to you.  Again, this is a natural process in which the wood acclimatises to its new environment.  This normally happens within the first 12 months.  This is primarily caused by the difference in moisture content within your home.  If you wish to minimise the changes of the wood cracks you can allow fresh air to circulate through the room in which the table is placed.  You could also install a dehumidifier to control the moisture levels or put a container of water that can slowly evaporate into the room.
  3. Heat and sunlight – Solid wood furniture is more susceptible to cracking or even twisting when in direct sunlight or near a source of heat such as under floor heating or a radiator.  It is important to reduces these elements as much as possible by shading the table from sunlight and switching off heat sources for the first two months. Cracking or other damage caused due to excessive heat or sunlight will not be covered by my 12 month guarantee.


  • Due to the nature of the reclaimed materials used in our products we can’t take responsibility for any piece of furniture that cracks or moves as it reacts to the heat and humidity in your own home.
  • Do not store any items in damp or cold conditions as this will likely lead to excessive cracking and movement.
  • The underside of our tables are not treated with oil like the top.  This is to allow the wood to breath and acclimatise more easily to new environments.

Reclaimed wood characteristics

  • Nails and other metal objects are removed where possible but some items may still include them.  This will not affect the comfort or function of the item.
  • Knot holes, splits or cuts in the wood are normally left untreated unless they are considered to interfere with the overall function of the product, in which case they might be filled with wood filler or epoxy resin.
  • Dents and scratches exist as per the character of the previous life of the wood.
  • Discolouration can exist in some or all pieces of wood used.
  • Cupping or slightly uneven surfaces may exist in some or all of the pieces of wood.
  • Splits or cracks can widen and close during specific times of the year.
  • A felt pad or foot may be required under one leg to prevent rocking as the wood changes shape.

Many of our customers like the natural effect of wood cracks as it emphasises the authentic character of the wood.  If you are not keen on this feature then please contact us before making a purchase.

Features and sizing

  1. Natural features – Wood is a natural material that will have knots, lighter or darker spots and other features which is to be expected in all my furniture.  In most cases we will always use wood from the same tree for each table but there is no guarantee that the wood will be the same colour on planks or between planks.
  2. SizingAll our sizing is approximate and can vary up to 10mm in length and width.

Caring for your table

Stains, marks and wear – Each table will be protected with a durable oil wax but it is still important to use coasters and place mats to protect your table.  The finish on the table can fade after some time (3+ years) or due to heavy use, so re-applying the oil may be required as it begins to fade.  I use varnish stains to colour the wood and finish each table with Osmo Wax Oil.


As long as we haven’t started work on your table you can change or cancel your order within 3 business working days.  Please contact us via email to cancel your order at


Unless your table is faulty we cannot accept returns after delivery as all items are custom made.