Quality moving and storage services – a timeline to plan the perfect move

Moving into a new home may seem a little scary. You may already be thinking about the stress of the move and the time that will be lost with the preparations.  There’s a lot to think about and to prepare before the big move.   Do not worry, I’ve moved no less than ten times and can definitely offer some tips and advice!  However today the Marathon Moving & Storage team is here to help you with some helpful tips to keep in mind if you want the whole process to be stress-free.

Before you home move you’ll also need to set up your home and complete a change of address  across the relevant businesses. You could save time by using an online home setup service like SlothMove where you can update everyone at the same time saving hours of time.

Quality moving services – a timeline to plan the perfect move


Eight weeks before the move

Eight weeks before moving, we recommend that you search the market a little and find a professional company like Vector Movers NJ to help you with the move. Read reviews, make calls, and make sure you’ve made the right company for the move.

At the same time, it is good to secure your goods before the big day and depending on timings, you may need to put some of your belongings in a self storage unit.  If there’s an overlap between your old property and new then you’ll be fine, but occasionally you may need to move out of one place before the next is ready.  This means you’ll need temporary accommodation and somewhere to store your goods.  Search online for reputable companies and check out their insurance offerings also.  You may wish to check if your insurance covers your belongings whilst in transit both to the storage unit and also during the move itself.

If you move to a new city, take some time off and visit it before. So when you get there, you will not have to worry about the positioning of banks, pharmacies or shops. You may also need to change your family doctor and dentist so start researching these, especially if you have a medical condition.  Find out more about choosing a moving company here.

Six weeks before moving

About six weeks before you move, we suggest you work on inventory and organisation. Start with the closets and donate or sell all the clothes you do not wear anymore. It’s also time to start packing things that are not used so often. Holiday decorations, household appliances you do not use or items stored in the attic are a good starting point.  You may need to order large pieces of furniture at this stage too as some sofas, for instance, have a six week lead time to be made.

Four weeks before the move

Now it’s time to change your address with Royal Mail redelivery service. Also four weeks before, it’s good to collect all the little things you love (jewellery, family inheritance, or home appliances) and organize them efficiently. We recommend that besides the inventory list, have some pictures or filming with these objects as proof you own them for insurance purposes. For large devices, make sure they are turned off, cleaned and, if necessary, dismantled if you won’t use them again before the big move It also does not hurt to save a bit of extra money in the event of unexpected expenses, in addition to those already set.

A week before the move

It’s only a week to the big day. Contact your moving company, if they haven’t been in touch, and check everything is in place for the move.  Confirm dates and times to make sure everyone is on the same page.  Pack the last of your belongings and remember to label everything well, but at the very least label it with the room it needs to go to on arrival.  Some moving companies will even pack your belongings for you!

Of course if you cannot afford a moving company then you will want to hire a van or ask friends and family to help.  Some friends and family may not be reliable or approachable, in which case you need to either hire a van or consider a professional moving company as suggested above.  Choosing a moving company can reduce a lot of the stress involved and there are lots of optional extras to add on such as packing your belongings and making the whole experience as stress free as possible for you.  To help you choose a suitable moving company check this guide out: https://www.consumerreports.org/moving/how-to-choose-a-reliable-moving-company/

A moving company can not only help you move furniture from one side to another, but will also provide you with a full team that will take care of organising moving, removing and mounting furniture, packing it in all kinds of boxes or sheets to protect them during transport and, most importantly, will help you carry them up the stairs. In addition, your furniture will not suffer and will come to an impeccable state in the new apartment. They should also be covered by an insurance just in case there is any damage, but as they are professionals this is unlikely. You can also check Redbox Plus Omaha  if you will be needing more dumpster to store your things.

Happy moving!

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