Quick tips for adding extra value when selling your home

If you are planning on selling your home at any point in the near future, it may be a good idea to make a few home improvements before it goes on the market.  As you’ll most likely want to get the best price possible for your house you can try a few of these simple tactics to maximise the value.

If your property has fallen into negative equity then you’ll likely be more motivated to do everything you can to recoup that loss before putting the house on the market.  You might not have a huge budget but even the littlest changes can make a massive difference.  Even some clever photography can increase your chances of finding the right buyers.

So, here’s a few top tips for adding value to your home

Set yourself a budget

Before you start, get an idea of how much your current property is actually worth in its current state by inviting a couple of estate agents round to complete an evaluation. You should then start to do some research and get an idea of how much different changes to your home could make. If you’re considering a big alteration to the property, then you should only go about doing this if you know that the return on your investment will be proportionally large enough. 

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Once you have done some research, set yourself a strict budget and stick to it. There is absolutely no point in spending more money than you have if you are not guaranteed to see a big enough return. Research similar homes in the area to see what buyers are looking for.  For example, will adding a downstairs toilet at a cost of £4k increase the value and selling potential by more than double the investment?  Quite possibly!  Take a look at this article for some more great ideas.

Letting in the light

Making your home bright and airy will mean that it will be more appealing to would-be buyers. By simply replacing your shutters to allow more light into your home can make a huge difference to the look and feel of a room. Light walls and ceilings will also help reflect this light, so consider painting each room white or another similar neutral colour to enhance the natural light from outside.


Decluttering your home will also create a sense of space and if you can put as much of your unused furniture and possessions into storage, then you will be able to create a much more spacious environment.  A home overpowered with furniture and possessions  prevents potential buyer from easily visualising how the house would look with their items in place.  Try stripping back as much as possible to create that stress free simple environment.


There are a number of key areas within your home that you can modernize to create a more appealing prospect. Your kitchen and bathroom are two such areas. These often end up looking worn out and dated. But by replacing your fixtures for some new, sleeker designs, then you will create a much more appealing space. 

Your electrics may also need a revamp. If your home was built a few decades ago or more, then there is a chance that your wiring is not up to the requirements of our modern needs. Swapping out your fusebox, and adding in some new plug sockets help bring the modern feel back into the home.

Have a look around your home and see what minor repairs might need doing.  Holes in walls, broken door handles, cracked tiles and torn carpets can all make a difference when wandering around a future home and could most likely reduce the value.

Warm and cold

On a cold winter day, try light the fire or turn on the central heating when you’re expecting a viewing.  A warm cosy home is much more inviting than a cold one.  Likewise if it’s a boiling summers day, open up the windows and outside spaces to let cool drafts run through the house.


Try and make your home look nice by ensuring windows are properly dressed with curtains and blinds as this give a sense of completeness.  For a perfect fit choose made to measure blinds online and curtains that complement your existing décor.  Having your window dressings made to size will ensure there are no gaps or excess material – this will look better and ensure all the light is blocked out when closed. Adding shutters to your windows is also a great selling feature and will appeal to many buyers.  These internal shutters Essex will look really stunning on your windows adding to both your home’s curb appeal and indoor appeal.

Also, try bring some colourful plants into the house to add a bit of character and nature.  Greens are considered very calming colours.

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Is also very important to consider the smells.  No one likes the strong smell of pets, smoke or damp in the home so ensure these are covered effectively by painting, airing or masking them as much as possible.


Hopefully with a few of these ideas you’re now in the right mindset to get your house sold for the best possible price.  The last and sometimes most important thing to consider is choosing the right estate agent who can get the best pictures and give you the best advice for selling your property.

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