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Retractable roof pergolas: My favourite outdoor trend for 2022

New year, new outdoor space. Never mind about “new year, new me”. I’ve been looking at my outdoor space and thinking about how I’ve been neglecting it. So, it’s time to start giving it some much needed attention and getting it ready for the warmer months ahead.

Having moved into a new house last year we have great plans for our garden but with it being so cold we’ve made very little progress. So far we’ve built a log cabin garden office and a basic shed for storage but we want so much more from our outdoor living space.

retractable pergolas garden

Ideally we want an outdoor space that joins seamlessly with the indoor, a smooth transition that would extend our living area. The spring and summer is fast approaching so now is the time to take action. But the question is, where to start and what will make this a workable, trendy space?

Top 2022 outdoor living trend

For some inspiration, I’ve been browsing through outdoor trends for 2022. After much scrolling, I figured out what I wanted: a retractable roof pergola by Designer Shade Solutions. These retractable roof pergolas fall under the multi-purpose outdoor spaces trend.

Joe Raboine, director of a hardscaping company, shared with the Spruce, “Many homeowners are [also] seeking to create more functional spaces for day-to-day use, but that’s not to say they won’t use them for entertaining as well. Outdoor kitchens and kitchen elements, like a small grill island, pizza oven, or bar, are great to have for entertaining.”

Retractable pergola

Multi-functional and multi-seasonal elements have become a big trend over the years, and they won’t stop any time soon! I know I want to be able to make the most out of my outdoor space, no matter the weather, no matter the season. So, it comes as no surprise that others want the same.

What are retractable roof pergolas?

These modern pergolas have a retractable roof that can be easily opened and closed as needed, giving the homeowner the flexibility to fully enjoy their outdoors as they wish. “These modern pergolas are highly versatile, functional and luxurious. And that’s not all! These pergolas can be fully customised – do you want heating, lighting, or a complete weatherproof space? You can have it.” says Rice Cakes and Raisins.

Versatility of pergolas

Retractable roof pergolas can be self-standing structures that can be installed anywhere in your outdoor space or can be installed into your current property as an extension to your current living space. If you want cover for your outdoor pool or outdoor dining area, I’d recommend installing a retractable roof pergola sheltering these areas.

retractable pergola

The best of both worlds

Ever wanted to enjoy your patio whilst it is raining outside? Ever wanted to fully enjoy summer days rain or shine? A pergola is a fabulous choice. You might be familiar with traditional pergolas, however, modern pergolas are truly the best of both worlds. Modern pergolas feature a stunning design and perfectly balance it with this innovative function. And don’t just take it from me! Paternal Damnation recently commented in a blog post, “I personally love the look of wooden pergolas with retractable roofs. These are visually stunning and, their retractable roof makes them incredibly functional.”

What do you think of retractable roof pergolas?

I love the practicality of these retractable pergolas and they certainly have a place in our outdoor space. Further research will be required to ensure the best solution is found within our budget but I’m excited with the possibilities. Does this sound like a suitable solution for you or are you on a tight budget? Take a look at my previous self build veranda for a cost effective solution.

Thanks for reading. I hope this post has inspired you to transform your outdoor space. Why not take a look at some of my other garden transformation posts:

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