Revamp your home with these tips

If you can keep your house looking fresh and new, you will feel so much better than you would by letting it fall into disarray.  Staying on top of housework, and performing small upgrades and repairs inside the home when they become necessary, not only protects your home in the long run, but can save you money and improve your mental and physical health.  Doing a little bit here and there over a period of time can avoid those big home repairs that can cost thousands of pounds.  Anyway, to give you some ideas, I have come up with a short list of things you can do to revamp your home without breaking the bank.

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Replacing cost effective fittings

If you’re looking to transform a room on a budget then the kitchen is a great place to start. You can make a huge difference to the look and feel of this room with very small changes.  We simply replaced our kitchen worktops and replaced the tiles whilst leaving everything else in place.  This kept the cost down and made it feel like a whole new room.  You might also consider painting your cupboard doors or replacing the flooring which can all be DIY projects with a little research.

Lighten up your rooms

Is your home a little on the dark side?  The first thing to think about is how to turn up the light.  Perhaps your lampshades are too heavy, and they are soaking up all the light from the bulbs, or maybe your walls absorb in the light rather than reflecting it outwards. Creating a brighter house will have a positive effect on your wellbeing, so try to think about a new lampshade, and painting the walls a nice bright colour.  You can also add mirrors to spread the light and give the perception of a larger space.  By allowing more natural sunlight into the home can help with mental illnesses such as depression, so open the curtains and give the windows a good clean too.

Fix things

Many people allow things to remain in the home even though they are broken.  A spring on a sofa may have gone, or there is a wobbly door on the wardrobe, or perhaps the lights have stopped working in one of the rooms.  Being around broken and worn out furniture and fixing can present a feeling of disarray so get yourself motivated to get things fixed and in good working order. Try to start thinking proactively and tackle some of the smaller maintenance work before they turn into larger issues.  A leaky tap for example might be a quick project that can prevent some real damage.  Prevention is better than cure, for example, get that newton waterproofing systems supplier prior to any flooding.

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Even if your not a DIY expert you can give things a go with a few simple tools.  If this fails then there’s always a local handyman should you need to call in for some professional help.


A lot of people seem to accumulate a lot of junk in their home.  Being around junk that is surrounding you on all sides, can be oppressive.  It has a negative effect on the mind and makes it more difficult to move about.  So, start by throwing things away.  Clearing up and making space will cause you to feel so much better.  If you can declutter, you will find it easier to keep things clean and have that fresh smell and feel.  Having fewer items around the house will help clear the mind and make tidying up in the future so much easier.  Minimalism is a growing trend and helps clean the way for reduced stresses in your life.

One more thing… Don’t get too caught up in your decluttering mission if you don’t want to throw anything away that has significant value and importance in your life, like cherished mementos of loved ones for example. One way you can approach this is simply by putting them into a self storage facility. If you live in urban locations or close to one like London for example, there are plenty of self storage facilities to choose from i.e. Henfield Self Storage in London is an example, where you will find a range of units for you to use and still hold onto your dearest belongings.

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Add plants

A little bit of nature in the house will go a long way.  Those beautiful shades of green, those pretty flowers will brighten things up no end.  Plants have a detoxifying effect on the air, meaning you are breathing in cleaner air, so they are good for your physical health. Also, if you live alone, you will feel less alone. Your house will appear more fresh and breezy and will look more alive.

potted plants

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Revamp your home with these tips

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