Rustic Reclaimed Industrial Dining Table

A truly magnificent piece made from reclaimed wood, 70mm box steel and epoxy resin.  In its previous life the wood was part of a friends garden decking.  As part of a garden revamp project the decking had been removed and just days away from a trip to the local tip.  When the wood was offered to me I was a little unsure due to the condition but decided to take a punt on it.  And I’m glad I did, as the finished result is better than I could have ever imagined.


With hours of sanding, precision cutting and the use of some glass like resin this industrial style table can now be the centre piece of any dining room.  And this particular one is in fact the centre piece of my dining room.  I liked it so much I decided to keep it.  But don’t worry, I have more reclaimed wood for another one or two.

The wood is 47mm thick and the overall weight of this table is about 70kg.  Each steel leg on its own weighs 15kg.  To protect hard floors each leg has a soft foot. The resin was used to fill in all the gaps, dents and imperfections across the well worn wood.  This allows you to see the true character of the wood but prevents food and bits getting stuck in and around the table.  The top of the table is perfectly flat and smooth, coated with several layers of a protective oil for a long life and easy cleaning.   This table will last years and years.

This one measures:

  • Length – 193cm
  • Width – 90cm
  • Height – 76cm

Order yours in a custom size up to 2.2m in length.  Please allow 3 – 6 week build time.


Here’s an idea of cost but please contact me for a quote on a custom size.  The height will always remain at 76cm.

  • 150cm X 90cm = £625
  • 160cm x 90cm = £650
  • 170cm X 90cm = £675
  • 180cm X 90cm = £700
  • 190cm X 90cm = £725
  • 200cm X 90cm = £750
  • 210cm X 90cm = £775
  • 220cm X 90cm = £800

The 70mm steel legs really compliment the industrial look and feel to this table.  Made by a local metal worker this piece truly is a representation of cotswold art and craftsmanship.  Why buy generic, mass produced tat from mega stores when you can have a reclaimed piece with a story behind it, and at a better price.

Contact me or my wife to find out more or if you have any questions.

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Thanks for looking 🙂