Save money with a backyard wedding

Smaller weddings and budget weddings seem to be more popular in recent years. According to Bridebook the average cost of a wedding is £16000 in the UK. It’s a lot of money and many people are realising this money would be better invested into a home for future security.

Of course a wedding is a special occasion, but it’s only one day and £16000 is rather an extravagant amount of money to spend on one day for the average person.

If you’d rather spend less on your wedding then you may be wondering what the best way to cut costs is.

One of the greatest ways to save a small fortune on your wedding day is by hosting your wedding in your own beautiful garden!

It’s exactly what we did and we saved a small fortune on venue hiring costs. All in all our wedding cost around £2000-£2500. An absolute steal and we had an amazing time. Many of our guests commented it was the best wedding they had been too. They felt so relaxed being in our garden.

Venues can costs thousands to hire for a day, especially when it’s a specialised wedding venue. As soon as they hear the word wedding it’s as though the costs triple!

Instead, outdoor ‘wedfest’ style weddings are becoming more popular with fields being hired as one option, but if you have a reasonable sized backyard then your perfect wedding venue could be right on your doorstep… literally!

Save money with a backyard wedding

Backyard wedding ideas on a budget

When we were deciding on a venue to celebrate our wedding with our friends and family, we suddenly realised we had the perfect location at home.

Rather than waste potentially thousands of pounds on a venue, we could host the wedding celebration at our home. We didn’t need a fancy location for our friends and family to gather, and we could make our garden look perfect.

We ran with a wedfest theme so hung beautiful bunting, hired haybales from a nearby farmer for extra seating and even hired a local outdoor stonebaked pizza company to set up their stall in our garden to feed our guests!

It was a summer wedding, but there was no guarantee of sun, especially in Britain! So we purchased a garden marquee and set it up to offer shade, shelter and to house the drinks table!

Often companies hire marquees, tables and tableware, but it can be quite expensive. It worked out better value for us to buy our own and then sell anything we didn’t want to keep as nearly new items after our event.

For decorations we used bunting, paper decorations, large balloons, sunflowers and homemade DIY prints in frames. I even purchased a reasonably inexpensive polaroid camera and made some props for our guests to take photos at a photobooth!

By cutting costs on the venue and decorations, we were able to hire the stone baked pizza catering company we really wanted and even a closeup magician to provide entertainment on the day. These were two things we really wanted for our wedding.

By choosing a backyard wedding you will free up some of your budget for the things you really want whether it’s that wedding dress with a slightly high price tag or those gorgeous long bridesmaid dresses you’ve had your eye on, but didn’t think you could afford!

Save money with a backyard wedding

Why your garden could be your perfect wedding venue

Not only can you save vast amounts of your wedding budget by choosing to host your wedding, or reception, at your own home, but it also makes the whole day so much more special.

Your home has an important meaning to you already, but even more so as you can reminisce about your wedding from the very place it happened.

It makes your home and garden even more special and have even more meaning to you.

It also gives you the freedom to cut costs on suppliers and use those you want to use. Some venues will tie you in to using their suppliers only or their catering services. With a backyard wedding you can pick and choose your own suppliers and catering.

Backyard wedding tips and advice

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Backyard wedding ideas on a budget

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