Selecting the right wooden flooring for your home

uYour home interior design is a very personal thing and as such, you can choose from a wide range of fittings, fixtures and furnishings in order to achieve your desired look, but some thought has to go into it.  You can’t just buy anything you like on the spur of the moment and hope it fits in well with the existing style of your home.

This golden rule also applies to flooring. More and more people are selecting wooden flooring for their homes, especially for the living room.

A high quality carefully sourced wooden floor adorned with some rugs and other matching furnishings can really add a touch of class to your home and provide a talking point for family and visitors alike.

Plus, wooden flooring has the longevity and easy cleaning benefits that just doesn’t come with a carpet.

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In order to select the right wooden flooring for your home, it may pay to get some advice from established timber specialists instead of just buying blindly. These timber experts should be able to give you valuable advice as to the best wood to use and also some tips on keeping the floor in optimum condition.

Oak is hardwearing and very durable, so homeowners can rest easy knowing the longevity will result in a great return on their investment.

The return on investment can be further enhanced if the property ever goes on the market.  I’ve read several articles before where estate agents claim to find it much easier to sell properties with hard flooring. Potential buyers will certainly recognise the quality and appreciate the effort the homeowner has gone to.

Colours and types of wood used in flooring

Aside from oak, there are a number of other woods that are suitable for flooring.  Which wood you select depends on your personal taste and, of course, your budget. Please see below for just a few examples of popular wooden flooring options:

  • White and pale grey – Great for small living rooms that see a relatively small amount of foot traffic. The fact that this colour flooring shows dirt and dents relatively easily needs to be considered.
  • Warm, middle tone floors – This option is probably the most popular choice for contemporary homes but still retains a traditional appearance. The fact that it doesn’t overly display every speck of dust and debris is also a plus point.
  • Dark wooden floors – Dark wood floors present a more formal look but can also be offset to great effect by light coloured furniture and other furnishings.

The above three colour schemes need to be taken into account based on your home’s existing characteristics. When it comes to the choice of wood, your timber specialist will be able to give you some more pointers as to the best choice or you may be able to get some samples to see which will work best in your home, and of course which colour you personally prefer the most.

Although it is possible to buy off the shelf flooring from a number of generic retailers, the level of service and expertise you get from an experienced timber specialist should not be overlooked. Your home is your single biggest investment, so it pays to choose only what’s best for it.

Most flooring specialists will arrange a free consultation and quote at your home where they can bring samples for you to see.  As it’s such a huge investment it’s recommended to book an at-home consultation to hear what the professionals recommend and advise.

Maintaining your wooden floor

Once you’ve chosen your wooden floor and had it installed then you’ll want to follow some maintenance tips to keep it in great condition and to ensure the longevity of your investment.

There are lots of products on the market to help you restore your wooden floor, so it pays to check out this Home Cleaning For You article to find the best wood floor restorer products for the job.

Here’s a quick list of things to do to maintain your wooden floor:

  1. Clean spills immediately so they don’t soak into the wood and cause damage.
  2. Protect the floor from your furniture by using furniture pads on the feet of your furniture.
  3. Don’t let dust build up by sweeping or vacuuming daily.  If this seems quite a chore then try a robot vacuum to make it easier.
  4. Every month or so use a wood floor cleaner and restorer to really bring out the shine and beauty of your wooden floor.
  5. Every few years you may need to professionally refinish your wooden floors.

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