Set your bedroom up for a good night’s sleep

We spend so much of our time in the bedroom; around one quarter of our lives considering we’re suggested to sleep 7-9 hours per evening.  We should all be getting at least seven hours of sleep each night – plus, your bed is a place you tend to read, watch TV and be intimate – meaning your bedroom should be one of your most important and precious spaces within your home.  It’s a room we spend a lot of time in and it has an important function so should be set up with this in mind.  Sleep is so important to heal our bodies and for optimum health, so it’s no wonder that people pay attention to and, and make an effort to try and get the best sleep possible. Some may even look at sites like to get information and advice about CBD, a supplement that many people take to help them relax and sleep at night.

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Your bed

Just like how phone batteries need charging, so do you, and in this sense your bed is your charging station.  This means that you need to be comfortable.  It’s important you keep your body temperature at the optimum level for sleep.  If you’re too cold or too hot your sleep will be disturbed.  The best way to achieve this is through the layering of bedsheets.

The right tog duvet for each season will help to keep your body at the right temperature.  Choose higher tog ratings for the winter months and much lighter tog ratings for the summer.

Whilst luxury bed runners add a certain comfort on an aesthetic level they do little to keep you warm at night, so be sure to have a thick warm blanket to put over you should the temperature drop.  A thicker duvet and a throw or blanket on top will ensure you are snug when it’s freezing outside.

An electric blanket is a great option for the colder winter months as this can stay on throughout the night without costing too much money to run.  It provides close contact heat, meaning you’re not having to heat the entire room which is less energy efficient.

You’ll need a sturdy bed frame that isn’t creaking and swaying all over the place when you roll in your sleep or consider the best adjustable beds in Australia that can support any position of any types of sleepers..  Top this with a high quality mattress that supports your sleeping position.  There are different levels of firmness for mattresses so research which suits you best and then test some out inside an actual bed store before making your decision.

Finally, some supportive pillows will complete your perfect bed setup.  Again, check online to find out whether one or two are best to support your back and neck depending on your sleeping position.


For me, personally, a cluttered room makes for a cluttered mind.  It stresses me out.  A busy space makes my mind busy and it’s difficult to switch off.  A calmer space is one that is less cluttered and more minimal.  Keep your room tidy and a place for sleep and resting only.  Do not store a lot of stuff in here.  Create a serene environment that promotes switching off and sleeping.


Having warm ambient lighting within your bedroom is important to creating an intimate atmosphere that is conducive to winding down and going to sleep.  If you have bright spotlights in your bedroom these can be fantastic for waking up in the morning and getting ready for work – as they lift you with their energy, but when it comes to winding down, late at night you want mood lighting such as that offered by salt crystal lamps which can be dimmed right down.

The other aspect, when it comes to lighting is to consider how dark your room is.  You want the room to be as dark as possible when you’re sleeping as this has been proven to lead to a much deeper state of sleep – which is required for your body to fully replenish.

Colour scheme

Relaxing and calming colours are best for the bedroom.  Blues are very relaxing and associated with calmness.  Avoid bright colours or crazy patterns as these won’t help your brain to switch off and may stimulate it instead.

Fresh air

Having a plentiful supply of fresh air come into the bedroom is important to getting a good night’s sleep.  If you wake up in the night as a result of feeling hot and stuffy, it can lead to a headache and make getting back to sleep really difficult.  Having a gentle breeze come into the bedroom is the best way to ensure a good night’s sleep and it also makes the air much healthier with more oxygen and less carbon dioxide which will build up in a room with no air freely travelling through.  Make sure you have a window that can be opened slightly at night time or at least an air vent to keep air coming in when the windows are shut.

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