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Six ways to cozy up your home this winter

When it’s hot outside, you want your home to be as breezy and minimalist as possible, with no extra layers to hold in heat or capture humidity. But once the winter enters the scene, you want those layers back to make the home feel warm and cozy. Luckily for you, it doesn’t take much to make your space inviting and comfortable for the chilly months. Small moves as simple as switching to soft lighting or stashing slippers by the front door can turn your small corner of heaven into a winter-ready retreat. 

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Regardless of whether you’re planning on changing the neighborhood in Washington DC and settling in a new place or finally deciding to declutter the whole house this winter, there are still some things you can do to enjoy this time by cosying up your home for the coming cold months. Here are some of the easy things you can do to create a warm ambience that will help you cozy up in your own nest.

Blankets shouldn’t miss

Throw blankets are maybe the first thing that comes to your mind when decorating for winter. Chillier temperatures make almost everyone instantly want to wrap up and lay on the couch. Don’t limit yourself to just one. Drape and layer blankets over your sofa and bed in traditional winter fabrics like wool, fur, fleece, and flannel. Incorporate ladders, baskets and trunks to store your extras which is both handy and is a cute home décor accent. Your friends and family will thank you for the extras, and this means you never have to share!

cosy blankets at home

For warm toes add warmth underfoot 

Nothing is worse than waking up and stepping onto numbing cold floors. Besides the excess slippers and fuzzy socks, rugs are the best solution. They not only help insulate your little heaven, but they keep your toes warm. That’s a double win as you get the appearance of warmth and actual warmth in one go. 

Flat-weave and sisal rugs are great when it’s warm outside, but for winter, you want a little pile. Not enough budget for a giant area rug? You can always layer smaller rugs in strategic spots, like under the coffee table, next to the bed, or in front of your reading chair. 

Spice up your window treatments 

It’s surprising how many people have blinds and not curtains. Some are afraid that their cats may eat the strings on blinds, while others simply hate the fuss of lowering them and raising them combined with the effort of dusting them. But leaving that aside, curtains are a really easy way to spice up your little heaven this winter. You may already have curtains such as those light, translucent ones that are perfect for summer to dibble in the hot light, but in winter, it’s smart and cozier to switch to a heavier fabric with rich colors. 

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But there’s no written rule that says you have to add drapes to just windows. Let your creative juices work in your favor, and add those drapes where you need them the most. You can cover the closet that doesn’t have a door or use them to separate spaces (like in a studio apartment). 

Dump synthetics for natural materials 

Drawing inspiration from nature, hygge enthusiasts incorporate a lot of wood, organic fibers, and ceramics into their décor schemes. Spaces boast of neutral colors, organic textures, matte finishes, and subtle nods to the doors. 

logs by the fire

For instance, forest-friendly Scandinavians might favor floor lamps with a wooden component offered in sustainably sourced walnut or maple, ebonized oak, reclaimed heart pine or reclaimed water tower redwood. On the other hand, an oak lover may seek out a soft color palette and wavy shapes. 

Hygge up with lights 

Adding more light to your rooms while also softening them will create a warm and relaxing space. Perhaps you may think there’s nothing you can do about your current lighting as it is too expensive to change, you really like the light features you have, or you would have to hire an electrician, but this is not the case. 

Softening your lighting to create a warm ambiance is as simple as replacing light switches and light bulbs, adding a new lampshade, or changing out a sconce. There’s a lot you can do with little. Remember to call in certified electricians to make sure everything is safely wired up. 

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If you’re on a tight budget and plan on replacing your kitchen lighting, you can always opt for different tones of LED light bulbs. LEDs that can spice up your home for winter are soft white and warm white and have remotes that allow them to be dimmed. 

When it comes to lampshades, there are several ways to soften your light. You can opt for a lampshade made out of linen or paper or even spicier lampshades lined with metallic. 

Prep Your Reading Corner 

When it gets dark out so early, it’s easy to fall into a Netflix-binge-watching hole. But you can also use this time to create a comfortable space where you can curl up with your favorite SF book, a glossy magazine, or your tablet. Throw a quilt, plenty of pillows, a decent reading light to read by, those materials you’ve wanted to get, and a perch for the tea, all together in one place. 

If you want to further spice up your reading corner, you can create layers of light with an ample supply of table or floor lamps. Put those cinnamon tea candles to good use. Install dimmers to change up the ambiance of your ceiling fixtures and overhead lights, and three-way bulbs in your lamps that can take them. Because the holidays are near to come, you can hang up a string of white lights in the living room to warm up the ambiance.

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