Small design tweaks that make a big difference in your home

January is the perfect time to refresh your home and give it a new lease of life, but typically the budget is pulled tight after spending all of our money over Christmas. Payday is surely just around the corner, right?!

Giving your home a new lease of life however doesn’t have to cost a small fortune, instead, with these small design tweaks and some additions you can make a big difference to the look and feel of your home.

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Refresh the layout

Incredibly easy to do, and it costs you nothing but a little bit of time and effort. But could you switch up the placement of your furniture in a room? Whether it’s the living room or bedroom, changing the layout of the sofa or the wall on which the bed rests against is an easy and affordable way to give the room a new look. You might even help the room look bigger by switching things around.  I’m constantly changing the furniture around in our home to find the best layout and to also refresh the rooms.

Cut the clutter

It’s really easy for clutter to build up over time, and it’s likely that you don’t even notice it anymore. A box in the corner, a pile of papers on a chair – you’re so used to seeing them that you don’t really notice them anymore. Take a quick picture of the room on your phone and assess it from there. Which bits can be cut out quickly and found new homes?  You could even make some money by selling your unwanted clothing, shoes and homewares.

Add some life

Give a room some life with the addition of beautiful blooms or a houseplant. They’re perfect for adding a natural touch to the room, as well as plenty of texture too. Fresh flowers definitely look beautiful but they can certainly add up over time, but a houseplant is a more cost-effective version of this.  As an added bonus, many indoor plants will detoxify and purify the air.

Try some design lighting

Lighting in a room isn’t only functional, but can add a beautiful design element to a space too. Try some new plinth lighting in the kitchen, or under cabinet LED lights which are easy to install.  Ben installed some under our kitchen cabinets and they’re great to switch on in the evenings when popping in and out of the kitchen, instead of turning the main lights on.  You could also invest in some backlighting for behind your mirror in the bathroom, or make a piece of artwork more focal with a picture light in the hall or living room.  Have a peek at how Ben installed pendant lighting over our dining room table.

Transform your wall with shelving

Floating shelves are a really great way of giving a wall a new lease of life. They’re easy to install, and completely transform a wall. They’re great for storage too, whether you want somewhere to display your favourite books or records, you could even line up some framed art of them for a unique look.  They’re also a great idea for a storage solution if your house is getting a little cluttered as mentioned in the point above.

Get a new rug

Rugs are great for adding some personality and depth to a space. Try one in a bold colour or a strong pattern in the living room that lacks energy, or add calmness to a room with an earthy toned rug. Long hallways can look beautiful with the addition of a rug, and a kitchen can also benefit from a new, fresh rug too to add texture.

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Small design tweaks that make a big difference in your home.png

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