The benefits of bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors have been growing in popularity over the last few years and seem to be becoming the standard choice for those who add an extension to the back of their home.

We recently got quotes for an extension to the back of our home with bi-fold doors being our favourite choice for windows, doors, light and even heating!

I hope one day we will get to experience these magnificent doors for ourselves.  For now, here are several benefits of bi-fold doors and why we are keen to have some installed:

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Bring the outside in

One of my favourite things about bi-folding doors is how they unite the home and garden.  When the doors are fully open in the warmer months, it makes the garden feel as though it is a part of the house, rather than a separate entity.  Even if you’re stuck indoors doing chores or work, you can still feel like you are outdoors and not cooped up inside.

I work from home and often feel trapped indoors, needing to be close to the WiFi signal and to see my computer screen to work.  Bi-fold doors will solve this issue and enable me to sit at the table or sofa to complete my work, but bringing the fresh air and outdoors to me when the doors are fully open.  I’d feel like I was in the garden!

Providers of sustainable timber windows and doors, Bereco, comment on potential places in the home that are perfect for timber bi-fold doors:  “Bi-fold doors, or folding sliding doors are ideal for a conservatory or a single-story kitchen extension opening out onto a patio to create an open plan living & dining area. By maximising the opening area with their folding door leaf design, timber folding doors make a feature of both your living space and outdoor area.

You can still dress them

The only possible worry about investing in a bi-fold door is that they don’t provide the privacy you might be used to with a regular window and door, especially at night time.  Or that they might feel cold and bland once the darkness hits.  This doesn’t have to be an issue though as you can dress your external bi-fold doors just as you would any other window and door.

You can opt for curtains or blinds which will separate the garden from your living space when you want to, or to provide privacy in the evening.  The only issue with curtains is that they are usually quite heavy and you require a lot of material if your doors are room width.  It might be better to have some custom blinds made with an online retailer such as Ambition Blinds, or opt for some lightweight curtains that have less material.

Natural light

Bi fold doors are often the height and width of the room, or they can be however large you want them to be; the bigger the better in my opinion though as you’ll be able to flood your home with natural light.  This will reduce your reliance on artificial lighting, cut energy usage and make your home feel airy and bright naturally.


Yes you read that correctly.  It’s now possible to buy bi-folding doors with heated glass from companies such as Glow Glass.  These clever dual purpose doors are a great alternative to unsightly radiators, underfloor heating and fires.  This smart electrically heated glass technology is a genius way to improve the look of your home and heat it at the same time.  I’d definitely opt for heated glass when renovating to save space on more traditional heating methods.

They provide flexibility

With most other types of external door they are either wide open or closed.  Bi-fold doors give so much flexibility.  They can have an access door that is similar to one door being opened and closed for easy access.  Or they can be half open, fully opened, a quarter opened.  You have much more flexibility when it comes to bi-fold doors and how much of the outside you want to let in.

Aesthetically pleasing

I always think bi-fold doors look so impressive.  They are modern and really can transform the back of a home and garden.  There are so many colours and material options to choose from to make them blend seamlessly with the style of the home.  They’ll look like they were always there.  They will definitely be an attractive feature if you sell your home in the future.

Creates an illusion of space

Of course they can be added to a new extension, but they can also be added to an existing building without taking up any space at all.  In fact, once installed they let so much natural light in and a large view to outdoors, that they will make the indoor space feel bigger that it is.

There are so many reasons to consider bi-fold doors as a home improvement or renovation idea.

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