The benefits of installing a magnetic screen door

When you decide to make updates to your home, one of the areas you might not have thought about, but could improve your indoor lifestyle, is to install a magnetic screen door. These are especially useful if you live in a warm climate and leave your door open most days, or if you like to have the side or back doors of your home open throughout the day during the summer months.  Installing a door screen magnetic is a great way to keep your home free of bugs and unwanted insects. A magnetic screen door is a mesh-like material that has magnets on the edges. The magnets are strong enough to create a seal around the door frame. This prevents bugs, dust, and other small particles from coming into your home.  

A magnetic screen door is a type of screen door that uses magnets to attach it to the frame and can be easily removed. Magnetic screens are an ideal option for people who want a screen that is easy to install and remove, and also want a durable product. Magnetic screens are not just for doors – they can be applied to any opening in the home. The magnetic screen door is an easy way to keep your home bug free without having to worry about screens or mesh getting torn up by pets or children.

The benefits of installing a magnetic screen door

3 benefits of magnetic screen doors for your home

Below are the top benefits of a magnetic screen door and why you should consider it for your home:

  1. Magnetic screen doors are easy to use

This screen door allows you to quickly get in and out of the house. Take, for example, if you come out of the kitchen holding food in your hands, you don’t have to keep the items down so that you can open the door. Instead, you can easily pass through the magnetic screen door. You don’t need to use force to open this type of door. Instead, the door unlocks with a simple touch and allows you to pass through. They are kind of like a curtain that you can pass through, but with magnetic strips down the middle which close themselves once you are through.

When it comes to its installation, you don’t need springs, screws, bolts, or drill holes so you can fix this door. Instead, this door uses magnets to attach itself to the doorframe. Another advantage is that if you’re don’t want to use a screen door during hot days, you remove it and attach it whenever you want it back. If you need a complete enclosure during winter, you can easily fix it back. In some rented premises, tenants are restricted from installing screen doors. In this situation, you can install the door screen with magnets and easily remove it at your convenience. Depending on your requirement, you can buy in different sizes and shapes and suit your door frame. The best manufacturers can also customise them to ensure the door meets your needs perfectly.

  1. Magnetic screen doors help with bug control in your home

A magnetic screen door is an easy to use and affordable way to keep bugs and pests out of your home. It is a perfect solution for people who live in warmer climates or who are allergic to certain insects. It’s also an excellent way to keep bugs and pests out of your home without having to resort to using chemicals which could be harmful to you and your family’s health. These doors are designed with a mesh that blocks the insects from accessing your home.  The magnetic strips keep the mesh door closed at all times unless you are passing through it, ensuring no insects enter your home through the open doorway, whilst allowing fresh air into your home.

  1. Have fresh air inside your home with a magnetic screen door

Many people have air conditioning units installed in their homes for the warmer months, but they can be costly to run.  Instead, it’s sometimes nice to get actual fresh air and a breeze into your home with an open door, but having a wide-open door might not be suitable as you are worried about wasps and flies and other pests getting into your home and disturbing your peace.  A magnetic screen door allows you to have a door wide open, whilst still protecting your home from these flying insects. 

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