The benefits of installing a smart HVAC system

HVAC systems are not currently commonplace in residential properties in the UK.  They are usually found in large commercial buildings to control the temperature, but most UK homes are only equipped with tools for heating and not cooling.

This could all begin to change with heatwaves expected to become commonplace due to climate change.  Aircon may become the norm in the UK too.

There’s no doubt about it, we had an amazingly scorching spring this year which was perfect timing for lockdown, allowing us to explore the outdoors and not feel so cooped up indoors during the times we were homebound.  Experts believe the UK needs to get accustomed for this type of weather.

Our homes are not prepared for heatwaves and many in the UK find it difficult to sleep when they arrive.  In fact, our homes in the UK are set up to stay warm in the winter, but not cool in the summer. Hot, sticky nights that are too warm can be solved by installing a smart HVAC system.

If heatwaves really are set to become ordinary and prolonged, then the UK needs to adapt and consider air conditioning units as part of its home builds.

The benefits of installing a smart HVAC system

What is HVAC?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. 

HVAC doesn’t just heat a home, like traditional UK central heating solutions, but improves air quality by circulating fresh air around a building (ventilation), as well as heating and cooling (air conditioning) to maintain optimal thermal comfort.

It’s an all in one solution to provide a building with heating, cooling and improved air freshness.

What are the benefits of a smart HVAC system?

From improved air quality to eco-friendliness and reduced energy bills, here’s how a smart HVAC system can benefit a home.

·         Better temperature control

By installing a smart HVAC thermostat you can have complete control over temperature control in your home, no matter where you are.

Digital thermostats are much better than traditional thermostats, allowing you to create schedules for your heating with ease.  You can create different schedules for different days of the week to suit your lifestyle.

There are smart HVAC systems that allow temperature control in each individual room of the house or different zones.  This prevents unused rooms from being heated or cooled if not needed.  For smaller houses a portable air purifier might be sufficient but cannot control the whole house.

It also means cohabitants with different temperature preferences can set their own temperatures in different rooms.

The benefits of installing a smart HVAC system

·         Improved air quality

HVAC systems allow air to move freely through your home so it is properly ventilated.  They can also remove moisture from the air to prevent damp and mould build up, circulating your home with dry fresh air.

Air inside a home can be more polluted than fresh air outside, so a HVAC system will circulate fresh air from outside thus improving air quality.

There are smart thermostats that can be setup to receive a bad air quality signal which will activate the fan on the HVAC system to boost airflow and remove stale, poor quality air.

·         Reduced energy bills

Traditional air conditioning systems degrade over time and use more and more energy to do their job.  Standalone air conditioning units are also less energy efficient than HVAC systems in the first place.

There are many modern HVAC systems that are designed with eco-friendliness in mind which not only lessens our carbon footprint, but can save money too.  Eco-friendly technology includes active solar thermal units, high-efficiency heat pump systems, thermal energy storage facilities and geothermal HVAC units.

By choosing a smart HVAC system you can manage your thermostat remotely using an app on your smartphone.  The system itself can be set up to ensure it’s only running when needed.

Forget to turn your heating off when on holiday?  Not to worry, you can switch it off from the app to ensure you are not heating an empty home!

·         Improve the value of your home

Eco-friendly and energy efficient technology is big news nowadays and can make your home more attractive to buyers when it’s time to sell. 

A smart heating and cooling system can increase the desirability of your home ensuring you get the price you want for it.

The UK is ill-prepared for heatwaves and increases in temperature due to climate change, so perhaps we’d better start kitting out new builds with eco-friendly smart HVAC systems instead of our traditional central heating systems. To get started simply search online for air conditioning Colchester, Manchester, Gloucestershire, or wherever you are to find air conditioning solutions for your home.

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