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The best mid century modern living room furniture 2021

I just love the mid century movement from the 1950s and 60s that’s returning to home decors across the world. This simplistic design focuses on sleek minimal straight lines and a somewhat organic flow in both architecture and furniture. If you’re looking for inspiration when designing a new living room then this post will point out some key decor considerations and help you bring a 21st century twist to the mid century modern movement.

Mid century furniture has been very inspirational to my own furniture design as you can see in the following pieces. Straight lines, tapered splayed legs and plain surfaces are what makes these so special.

With a recent rise in the demand for these designs, it’s no surprise that many modern interiors are now looking back to seek out this minimalistic approach to interior design. Read on below to see some of my favourite living rooms furniture designs that compliment each other so well.

History and inspiration

One of the most influential and best known designers of the mid century design movement was Frank Lloyd Wright who designed the world famous Fallingwater house in Bear Run, Pennsylvania. (US)

Falling Water – Frank Lloyd Wright – 1935

Built in 1935 this summer house for the Kaufmann family would celebrate the landscape and the organic nature of the surrounding woodland. Wright wanted the structure to blend seamlessly into the landscape and be part of the waterfall with its cantilevering balconies. He also designed the majority of the interior furniture which can be seen in the below video. It’s truly inspirational.

Scandinavian design follows much similarities to that of the mid century movement. Taking precedent around the same time in the 5 nordic countries it shared styling views with the great American architects of the 40s and 50s, although you may notice more of a rustic natural feel to some pieces.


It’s important to remember it doesn’t just take furniture to make a house into a home. Other factors should be considered, including personal items, colour schemes and textiles. When designing your own interiors, consideration into how all these elements will compliment each other can be vital.

In this post I’m going to be focusing on some of my favourite mid century modern furniture designs for the living spaces in our houses. You’ll also find suitable or matching design styles for the bedrooms, dining rooms and kitchens but I’d like to focus here on the living room mid century designs.

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I’ll kick things off with my favourite mid century modern sofas.

8 of the best mid century sofas 2021

What are the characteristics of a mid century modern sofa? Typical designs will tend to lower than most sofas giving the perception of a longer sofa. The legs tend to be short and tapered and sometimes off set to a splayed outward angle. Shapes will follow simple straight lines or a rounded organic flow resemblance of a smooth stone.

Danish Settee Scandinavian Loveseat – £220

A very affordable 2/3 seater sofa made by Home Terrain Shop. Featuring a simple wooden frame and upholstered grey fabric seat. Simplistic Scandinavian design.

Turdy sofa – £529

An organic form 2/3 seater sofa in velvet green. Available in three other colours from Made.com

With golden brass legs and generous curves this is truly a sofa to curl into.

207cm x 81cm and 71cm tall

Bogo curved suede sofa – £10,258

So it’s a little expensive but it’s a true mid century piece of art. Made by Carlo Bartoli and available from Asparagus Studio.

Tobias 3 seater sofa – £1049

One of my favourite sofas from this list is this 3 seater sofa designed by Terence Conran.

Available in a selection of 6 different colours and different sizes including an armchair, 2 seater and 3 seater corner sofa.

This sofa really does represent the mid century modern style.

Imani 3 seater sofa – £849

Available in burnt orange or navy this is a lovely mid century piece.

Measures 214cm x 80cm & 81cm tall

Yellow velvet sofa bed – £995

A clear Scandinavian style sofa that folds out flat into a sofa bed.

Chaise Scott corner sofa dark green – £1079

Available in left or right hand side corners this is a beautiful stylish sofa finished in a velvet feel forest green colour.

Danish Caramel Leather 3 Seat Sofa – £900

By Madsen & Schubell 1970s this is a true vintage piece. Whilst it may be second hand it’s still an amazingly well looked after piece and has tones of character.

Moving on to some amazingly beautiful coffee tables

8 amazing mid century coffee tables 2021

Mid century modern coffee tables follow the same design rules of the sofas. Slim tapered legs, straight simple lines and gentle organic curves.

Pendlebury walnut coffee table – £299

A beautifully smooth and bean shaped coffee table with slim steel splayed legs.

120cm x 55cm & 38cm tall

Mid century life edge coffee table – £1700

Quite unusual to see a rustic style mixed with mid century but it works perfectly. Whilst a little on the expensive side it’s worth every penny when you look at the detail and quality of the finish.

Handmade oak, Ercol style nest – £205

A beautiful pair of handmade coffee tables in an Ercol style. Finished with solid oak and clear varnish.

Table 1 – 77.5×43.5cm & 45cm tall

Table 2 – 55x34cm & 40.5cm tall

Retro inspired fir wood – £399

You can find this beauty on La Redoute. Made from fir wood and steel supported splayed legs it has 3 drawers disguised as 6.

Measures 120x60cm & 46cm tall

Tanya linoleum coffee table – £599

Following quite an art deco style this coffee table is made from a durable metal called linoleum which inhibits bacteria growth.

Measuring 75x75cm and 34cm tall it’s available on its own or part of a set of three.

Tulma storage coffee table – £179

Available in two different colours this coffee table is sleek and practical. Displaying the classic splayed, tapered legs and straight lines it’s a perfect fit for the mid century decor.

Measures 118x58cm & 40cm tall.

Handmade Balti birch coffee table – £449

This handmade coffee table has been made with plywood and Baltic birch with lovely curved edges and sleek hairpin legs. It’s a little on the retro side but would fit in nicely with a mid century theme.

Measures 112x58cm & 45cm tall

Mid century coffee table with drawers & shelves – £599.26

One of my favourite pieces this solid mango wood coffee table has been finished to a high standard and features two drawers and shelving. It’s stunning!

Measures 110x60cm & 40cm tall

Side tables are next on the list. Whilst some of these might double up as a coffee tale I wanted to include these as a separate selection to help you complete the mid century look.

8 of the bests mid century side tables

These small tables will help fill the small spaces and serve as either a plant stand or a simple table to place nic-nacs.

Pendlebury side table – £159

The baby brother of the Pendlebury coffee table these two together will complete any mid century space.

Measures 45x45cm and 50cm tall

Mirrored glass gold iron side table – £189

Very typical design of the mid century movement this little table is sleek and precise.

Measures 61x61cm & 51cm tall

G Plan Fresco side tables – £145

Here’s a pair of original side tables from the mid century. And at a great price. Grab them quickly before they’re gone!

Measure 50x50cm and 53cm tall

Scandinavian side table – £118.80

A nice simplistic design made with solid wood at a very reasonable price.

Measures 45x35cm & 55cm tall

The Jorgi side table – £175 each (£335 pair)

What a lovely little side table that’ll match so many of the above sofas. Could equally be used as bedside tables.

Measures 40x40cm & 45cm tall

Oki smoked glass side table – £149

A little different from the rest but fits nicely with the majority of the furniture in this post.

Measures 40x40cm & 45cm tall

Ukan side table – £129

Beautifully elegant and a suitable side table for many mid century interior decors.

Measures 35x45cm & 50cm tall

3 tier side table – £155

I love this 3 tier plant stand side table. It’s completely unique and very mid century.

Measures 50x30cm & 73cm tall

Many of us will also have a requirement for a TV or entertainment unit and the mid century style suits these so well, especially the longer lower ones.

8 beautiful mid century TV or media units

These units won’t be for those with wall mounted TVs but for those who don’t you do should love this little selection.

Tulma TV unit – £199

A matching piece to the Tulma coffee table the two go hand in hand.

Measures 150x38cm & 50cm tall

Quilda TV unit – £375

Cool looking unit with tapered legs and sliding doors. Would have loved the legs to be splayed but it’s still a lovely piece.

Measures 120x40cm & 47cm tall

Wodïd Line TV Unit – £115

Very simple but also very effective and best of all, affordable for everyone.

Measures 144x25cm & 40cm tall

Solid wood lowboard – £389

Low and wide, simple lines and the classic splayed legs… beautiful… I want one

Measures 180x42cm & 39cm tall

Open Nordic TV unit – £250

Love the symmetry on these doors and the gold splayed legs really finish it off.

Measures 110x35cm & 50cm tall

Custom made walnut & black resin TV unit – £3517

These are custom made in the US but are certainly worth considering if you have the money. Seriously high standard and completely custom there won’t be another in the world the same.

Measures – whatever you want!

Wapong TV Stand with Sliding Doors – £799

A cool looking TV / media unit with sliding doors. It’s almost not a mid century unit but so many of its features are, with a Chinese twist. I quite like it.

160x40cm & 52cm tall

Anderson TV unit – £379

Sleek straight lines finished with mango wood and copper. I really like this design but it’s quite a unique look that will need to be carefully considered when partnered with other items in your living room.

150x44cm & 45cm tall

I’d like to touch on accessories before I finish up here.

Mid century decor accessories

To finish off a mid century decor no room would be complete without the addition of art, rugs, sculptures, lighting or clocks. Why not consider some of these complimentary pieces.

Inaluxe Geometric Pattern Rug – £475

100% wool in a geometric design this rug can bring a room together.

Measures 150x230cm

Caram rug – £269

Simplistic in style this can compliment a range of different pieces of furniture.

Measures 200x300cm

Eira wall art – £119

A well fitting piece of wall art

Mid Century Clock, MCM Handmade Wood Retro Design, Modern Office Desk Furniture – £171.75

I think I could go on and on in this section but I’ll end it here. There are so many different accessories available in the mid century modern style it can be very exciting finding something you love.

I hope you have enjoyed looking through some of my favourite pieces.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect Scandinavian design or mid-century pieces then I’d recommend looking through made.com, La Redoute, Etsy or even Ebay for some more fantastic items. You’re bound to find what you are looking for. Happy hunting.

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  1. Wow, I love the sofas! There’s something very relaxing about the wide, open look of spaces designed along mid-century lines.

  2. There are some wonderfully designed pieces of quality furniture from the 50s and 60s, but the majority of furniture in the majority of homes reflected the post war austerity and was manufactured to a price rather than with quality. I suppose much of the lower quality furniture broke in the 50s and 60s, but there is still some junk out there.

  3. Bogo curved sofa is fantastic i would love to own something like this wow

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