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The best solid wood dining tables for 2023

When looking for the perfect dining table it can be difficult to find something suitable for your home decor style and budget. There are so many different manufacturers that are making dining tables it can be hard to select the right one. In this post, I’ve scoured the internet for some of the best handmade solid wood dining tables in the UK. Here’s a quick sample of some of my favourite designers and their work.

Below I have broken down my recommendations into budget groups to make things a little easier. These are £300-£800, £800-£1300 and the high end ranges at £1300-£5000. You’ll find great solid wood dining tables is all these categories, but as the price increases, the type of wood and other materials will change. For example, soft woods like pine or spruce will be used in the lower budgets and hard woods like walnut and oak for the higher budgets.

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I’ve been making tables for many years now and it’s always interesting to check up to see the vast range of styles and prices out there. In this post I’m going to share my favourites.

I always prefer smaller independent shops like those found on Etsy. All the shops I’m recommending are located in the UK, so you know you are buying handmade quality furniture manufactured in this country. This helps keep our carbon footprint as low as possible and helps support our local economy.

Why am I only recommending furniture manufactured in the UK? I’m a firm believer in ethical and sustainable manufacturing. I also think we should be supporting smaller local companies rather than feeding large corporations and greedy CEOs. You can read more about this in my post titled: Is your furniture eco friendly and ethical?

Dining table and bench recommendations

Dining sets – £300 – £800

I’ll kick things off with the lower end budget dining sets. This is going to suit those with a budget between £300 – £800. Most of the table prices reflect a table size of 140cm or close to this.

Industrial Scaffold Board Dining Table

Made by – Remade Concepts

This rustic dining table and bench cost only £325. Made from reclaimed scaffold boards and featuring black hairpin legs. I think it’s very competitively priced and includes free delivery. I love the reclaimed scaffold board look and steel hairpin legs. They suit each other perfectly in this industrial style and fit with most modern interior decors.

Find it here on Etsy.

Farmhouse, Rustic, Industrial Oak coloured Dining Table

Made by – Platform Design Oxford

Another rustic dining table in a farmhouse style with box steel legs and a solid pine top. Available with a selection of different finishes including light oak, medium oak or dark oak. Coming in at just £555 for a table and matching bench this is a great option for anyone looking for a rustic farmhouse design.

Find this beautiful piece on Etsy here.

Rustic Dining Table – Reclaimed Solid Wood Table – The Andersson Dining Table

Made by – Still and Bloom

Another of my favourites is this solid wood dining table at just £495. Add a matching bench for £269 and you have a lovely dining set. Both items together will cost £764 including free delivery. Made purely from reclaimed wood and joined using a mortice and dowel technique. Its a sturdy dining set that will stand out in any dining room.

Find the table here and the bench here or visit their shop for more of their great handmade items.

Dining sets £800 – £1300

Now I’ll move onto the next price bracket of £800 – £1300. These tables tend to be made from solid woods such as oak and walnut which are much harder wearing than pine.

Live edge industrial dining table

Made by – Phi Hand Craft

Made from solid walnut and cross box steel legs this table is a focal point for any dining room. The table alone will set you back about £1180 including delivery but will last a lifetime. Benches are also available but you may need to contact the seller for additional information and pricing.

Find this mega walnut dining table here. Table and bench combos here.

Solid oak dining table and bench

Made by – Platform Design Oxford

Another brilliant table by Platform Design Oxford but this time using solid oak tops. A table costs £895 on its own or you can buy the table and bench set for £1180. This is very reasonably priced for a chunky oak top and box steel legs.

Find this table and bench set here.

Epoxy resin river dining table (top only)

Made by – King Epoxy Arts

This is an absolute piece of art. Crafted from acacia wood and filled with a blue epoxy resin this is a true masterpiece. Each table is truly unique and made to order. Pricing starts from £735 and does not include the legs! Steel legs will cost between £100-£600 depending on what you are looking for. You can find the perfect legs to suit your style on Etsy.

The dining table top can be found here.

You can find the pictured legs on Etsy here

More table leg options

Dining sets – £1300 – £5000

Moving onto the final budget band these tables are high end dining tables for those that require something a little more extravagant.

Edward wood dining table

Made by – The Italian Interior Co

Made from either canaletto walnut, natural oak or burnt oak and finished with sleek steel legs in a contemporary style this table demands respect. This table will set you back £1999 including delivery.

Find this beautiful dining table here.

Solid oak live edge dining table

Made by – Cornish Wooden Craft Co

Made from solid oak with live edges and box steel legs this is a stunning table suitable for a host of different interior decors. Costing £3400 and you’ll need to pay for delivery at £120. I’m really digging the rustic feel to this table.

Buy this table here on Etsy.

This concludes my top dining table picks for 2020 within these budget categories. But I’d also like to quickly introduce a few of my favourite extending dining tables.

Extending dining tables

I often get asked about extending dining tables so I’d also like to list my favourite in this bonus category. Extending dining tables are very useful for those of you who enjoy throwing diner parties but prefer the space when it’s just the close family.

Industrial style extending dining table

Made by – Ragnarok Designs

A lovely little dining table available in a number of different sizes. This industrial style dining table is made from pine and features steel legs. Pricing starting from £435.

Find this lovely table here on Etsy

Extending reclaimed pine dining table

Made by – Hough Furniture

This is quite an exciting little dining table with extending ends. Made from reclaimed pine and lovely contemporary style legs it’s a perfect table for loads of different design decors. 140cm extending priced at £700.

Find this great table here

Chelsea Extending dining table

Made by – Cosy Wood UK

Here is a super special dining table made from solid walnut and steel legs. It comes with slide on extending pieces and is a very high quality table. This beauty will set you back £2459 inc. delivery. One of my favourites.

Find this table here on Etsy

So this concludes my top picks for the year 2023. Thanks for looking and I hope you find what you are looking for.


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