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The ultimate guide to arcade game machines: Which one is right for you?

For over 40 years, arcade machines have brought joy and transported players to fantasy universes, becoming an essential part of many people’s childhoods and, more recently, people’s homes. New and old generations of gamers love old school gaming, and, as a result, the popularity of games released in the 1980s and 1990s have soured. The trend of arcade gaming has brought families together with older generations showing the younger ones how to master the skills needed to beat the games of their youth, but they’ve also become a favourite addition to parties as entertainment for guests. If you’re considering adding an arcade game machine to your home, we have created the ultimate guide so that you can choose the right system for you and enjoy hours of play.

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Choosing your game

The first thing is to ensure you are choosing the right game or games that you will want to play. There are countless video games available on arcade machines, and for many buying, one of these systems is the realisation of a lifelong dream, which is to own a similar machine to the one that swallowed up so many coins during their youth. If you’re considering a single-game machine, you probably already know which one you want; it could be a frantic two-player duel game or the ever-popular space invaders. 

However, other people prefer to buy a single unit with as many games as possible already installed to provide them with access to all the games they loved. Most arcade machines opt for this style in order to give people more choice, often styling the outside of the consoles with a game theme, a fan favourite of which is the Pacman game machine from

Multiple game arcades

As mentioned previously, multiple game arcades are a popular choice for those looking to add these systems to their homes, and they offer the best of both worlds. They are typically designed for home gamers, but there are some that a suitable for communal areas like in student accommodations or common rooms. In these arcade machines, you’ll find they are packed with games from the 1990s, and some have ranges spanning further back. Within moments of booting up your multi-game arcade, you’ll have access to a menu where you can choose from a range of games and start playing all your old favourites; you may even discover new ones. 

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Arcade consoles

Arcade consoles are smaller and often more versatile than their larger counterparts as the compact control surface connect directly to your TV or monitor as well as the rest of your home entertainment system, including the surround sound. They allow you to connect to the internet, which provides you with a wide range of retro games and is ideal for space-conscious families.

Table arcades

Having an arcade machine in your home is often thought of as the mark of a true gaming enthusiast, but many gamers are cannot afford the upright units and instead opt for the more compact coffee or cocktail table arcade machines. These machines will have you reminiscing about your days spent in amusement arcades during your youth, spending coins as fast as you could to get a go of the newest games and old favourites. Table arcades give you the experience of an upright machine but on a more compact scale which allows those with homes of any size to realise their dreams of owning their own arcade machine.

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Other arcade machines

No doubt you’ve seen the variety of game machines in amusement arcades, and many people aspire to own them all in dedicated game rooms. These machines include the famous novelty redemption machines, which are simple games that offer prizes such as claw machines, bowling, or basketball games. However, many people prefer to have their games all in one place and don’t opt for the extra machines, often sticking to their chosen multi-game unit for all their gaming needs.

Finding space

Some at-home game installations require significant amounts of room, such as pool tables or ping-pong tables, but arcade machines don’t need as much room as many people first assume. The smaller units typically need the same amount of room as a coffee table and sometimes with enough room on either side for two players. Others require more floor space, and many gamers either install these in game rooms or replace unused armchairs to make room for them. Whichever type you choose, it is essential to make sure you have the space for the unit before it arrives, or it could end up blocking the route to your kitchen or sofa.

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Setting up your internet connection

Many modern arcade machines require an internet connection in order to link your unit up with the wide range of games available, as well as provide you with a platform to download additional games. A fast Wi-Fi connection is crucial to ensure that you get the best gaming experience from your arcade game machine.

While having an internet connection for your arcade machine can enhance your gaming experience, it’s important to ensure that your online activities are secure and protected. One way to do this is by setting up a virtual private network (VPN) for your arcade machine. A VPN creates a secure and encrypted connection between your arcade machine and the internet, preventing third-party entities from accessing your online activities.

It’s easy to download VPN software and you can use one of the many VPN services available on the market. These services typically require you to download and install software on your arcade machine, after which you can connect to their servers to establish a secure connection. Some VPN services may also offer specialized VPN routers that you can connect to your arcade machine, allowing you to protect all of your internet-connected devices at once.

When choosing a VPN service, it’s important to consider factors such as connection speed, server locations, and data usage limits. You should also look for a service that has a solid reputation for security and privacy protection, with features like a no-logs policy and strong encryption protocols.

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