Tips for deciding when it is time to upgrade your kitchen’s cookware

There are many reasons you may want to decide when it is time to upgrade your cookware. Here are some tips to know when it’s time to treat yourself and your guests to some new cookware.

when to upgrade kitchen cookware

#1 Non-stick surfaces are wearing thin

If you have been noticing that food is suddenly sticking to your cookware, or that your non-stick surfaces are sporting some bald spots, it’s time for an upgrade.

When you use the same non-stick pan over a long period, the coating will start to wear off. You may see actual flecks of coating on your food! If your fried food is looking extra dark on the bottom, or if you flip a pancake and notice black spots underneath, your coating is coming off – and you don’t want to eat it!

Check your non-stick cookware for dents, scrapes, or spotted patches. If you see anything suspicious, you are better off buying new pieces.

Once you have your new cookware, keep it in good condition by using wooden utensils rather than metal ones, and use soft sponges to clean it. Steel wool is a definite no-no!

#2 Pots and pans are literally bent out of shape

If your cookware is bent, you won’t be able to cook as effectively. A bent pan doesn’t distribute heat as evenly if the pan’s bottom can’t make full contact with the top of your stove.

Some areas of your pan may get hotter than others, which can be another reason for burnt or unevenly cooked food.

So before you too get bent out of shape, invest in new cookware!

A note on handles: Make sure all handles are secure and tighten screws if necessary. This includes not only pan handles but handles on lids. It can be frustrating trying to work with hot food and having a pan or lid drop suddenly – it’s not only messy but potentially dangerous.

#3 You can’t seem to cook food properly

If you are struggling to get your food perfectly cooked even though you are doing everything right, don’t blame yourself. It could be your cookware holding you back, not your culinary skills! You will get the best results by using premium cookware because high-quality cookware contains materials that allow for better heat distribution.

No more burnt fries or underdone meals!

Tips for deciding when it is time to upgrade your kitchen's cookware

#4 You’re missing pieces of cookware

It’s always satisfying to have a full set of tools, and cooking is no exception. If you find you are missing sizes of pots or types of pans, it’s time for an upgrade.

The better equipped your kitchen, the more types of dishes you can make, and the easier it will be to prepare them.

#5 Happy chef = happy guests

Top-level chefs don’t use cheap cookware, and there’s a reason for that. You don’t get the same results with low-quality cookware. Top chefs want to be sure that they’ll get consistently excellent results every time.

There’s no point on spending lots of money on excellent ingredients if you are then going to risk burning or under-cooking them in substandard cookware. Gordon Ramsay wouldn’t dream of using cheap cookware, so why should you?

The better quality your cookware, the better the results. For example, in a restaurant if staff know that flipping crepes is easy in the new crepe pan, because crepes won’t stick and cook perfectly every time, then their staff and guests will really be thanking them! It’s the same in your kitchen – you can’t cook effectively or enjoy cooking if you don’t have the right equipment to cook with!

Everyone appreciates quality tools, and having beautiful cookware can turn meal preparation into an event. Many attractive dishes such as Dutch ovens and other colourful pots and pans are so pretty; you can bring them right to the table to serve guests. You’ll save time, make better-tasting food, and easily impress.

# 6 Inspire creativity

If you are using old pots and pans that look sad and washed-up, it isn’t surprising that you feel less than lackluster when it comes to being creative. There are many types of gorgeously colourful cookware that you can buy that will light up your kitchen and make it easier and safer to prepare delicious food, and it will be more inspiring!

By upgrading and looking after your new cookware, you and your guests can enjoy tasty food and you can reap the benefits of it for a long time to come.

Treat yourself to some new cookware, and happy cooking!

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