Toolbox essentials you can’t be without

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast, someone with a keen interest in woodwork or another creative hobby, or just a homeowner that likes to be able to do all they can to look after their homes, cut costs and keep everything looking and running at its best, you need a toolbox. In fact, everyone needs a toolkit. Even if it’s just there for emergencies, and you are relatively clueless about what you need to do with it, everyone should have a toolbox with some basic essentials that can get you out of a mess. You’ll find that by buying a few simple bits and bobs, you’ve got enough to fix most basic home issues.

If over time you become more interested in DIY or grow keen to do more yourself, then you can always add to your box. You might even need a bigger box in time. But, either way, here’s a look at the essentials that you can’t be without.


Toolbox essentials you can_t be without - screw

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If there’s one thing that everyone needs, it’s screws and fixings. Most furniture and fixtures that we buy come with their own screws, especially if you purchase flat pack. They might even come with spares. But, you’ll still find that you need one that you haven’t got more often than you might imagine. They get lost, they go missing, they fall out and vanish, or you want to make something from scratch. Buy a set of screws to keep in your box and then start adding all of those spares to your stock.


Screwdrivers come in a massive range of sizes. You can even get kits with loads of attachable heads, including Philips and flathead in a variety of sizes. If you want to go hi-tech, you could get an electric screwdriver or even one with its own app. But, all you really need in your essential toolkit is a good flathead and a good Philips. Most new screws are now Philips, so you might want to get these in a few different sizes.

A spirit level

Many of us think that we can put shelves up without using a level. You can’t, and it’s not worth trying. A spirit level can also be used to check the angles when putting furniture together and attaching things to the wall. You can get a spirit level app on your phone, but nothing beats the real thing for accuracy.

A hammer

You want a simple, classic hammer that’s heavy enough to bang nails into the wall, but light enough to carry around easily. Go for a claw end, to take things out again, and a long-lasting synthetic handle instead of easy to break wood.


You never know when you’ll need to tighten or loosen a bolt or nut, or what size they’ll be when you do. So, invest in good crescent and socket wrenches with adjustable jaws and extenders so that you can tackle any job.


When it comes to pliers, it’s a good idea to have needle nose, so that you can pinch something in even a small space with flexibility, and locking pliers which can hold something in place, giving you an extra hand when you need it.

If you’re stocking up your first ever toolbox then these bits and pieces will have you well on your way.

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Toolbox essentials you can_t be without

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