Top interior trends inspired by nature

Nature inspired décor and interior themes are having a resurgence in recent trends. The understated yet beautiful style this theme radiates offers a relaxing vibe in your home. Plus it works with both contemporary and traditional interiors. Several trends incorporate a natural look, including a summer take on Hygge living.

So if you’re looking to give your property a refresh while incorporating one of the year’s hottest interior trends, check out some of the top ways to include accents of nature within your home.

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Scandinavian style

There’s no getting away from the fact that people love Scandinavian style interiors. This trend lends itself to a natural way of living, which intertwines the beauty of the outdoors into your interior spaces.

The theme often includes light colour palettes, natural texture and wood materials throughout. You can also implement the Hygge lifestyle in your home with this trend, and opt for calming décor and cosy texture to make the most of a soothing living space. This look is really affordable to achieve and you’ll find lots of inspiration at

Botanical décor

Plants and botanical features are also popping up in interior spaces and there are several ways to get the greenery look. For an all-out botanical vibe there is a huge selection of beautiful wallpapers and artwork to create a feature wall or focal point amongst your theme.

You’ll also find plenty of home accessories that add a subtle touch of plant-life to your surroundings. For authentic décor style why not opt for some houseplants to help brighten the space?

There is a vast range of flora and succulents that are suitable for indoor living, plus many are hardy too in case you don’t have those green fingers yet. Choose cacti, succulents, devil’s ivy and Zanzibar for some really easy to care for indoor plants.

The tropics

If you’re looking to brighten your home with some funky colour and unique texture, opting for a hint of the tropics can work in your home. This trend has been a popular fixture for the last few years, and it works in a few different contexts.

Of course, if you want to go all-out tropical, there are tons of décor items and wallpaper options to create your own slice of paradise. However, if you’re looking to add subtle touches, there’s plenty out there for you too.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour, as this trend is full of it. Plus you could pick up some quirky lighting options and statement prints to create a wall gallery, that way you don’t need to undertake any significant redecoration work.

It’s the perfect summer décor idea as it’s full of life, personality and colour!

Natural materials and texture

To keep the trend simple, all you need to do is incorporate natural materials such as wood into the space. This palette works beautifully with muted tones and is suitable for contemporary home and traditional properties.

Natural accents can be achieved with light furniture and nature-inspired home accessories. Plus you can incorporate as much or as little as you like to make a room for your design ideas.

Sustainability and natural environments are leading trends this year, so why not consider refreshing your property with this style and look at eco-friendly options for your home.  Not only do they bring nature indoors, but they use natural materials and neutral décor that are timeless.

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