Top reasons to invest in a log burner

One of my favourite things in our home is our log burner.  In fact it probably is my most favourite.  It was quite a transformation from the fireplace that was originally there and that I detested!  It was an old stone fireplace from the 60s/70s which didn’t even have a fire in it.  It jutted out into the room, taking up a lot of space and immediately drew the eye to it which wasn’t a good thing.  It was an eyesore.  It had a black shelf on the top.  The hearth was a huge concrete thing.  There was no actual fire, just a deep concrete pit that had been covered with a piece of white board.  Are you starting to imagine how ugly it was?!  We knew immediately that we wanted to install a log burner and I will share with you in this blog post why it was a great investment.

But firstly, look how beautiful our wood stove fireplace is 🙂

Top reasons to invest in a log burner.jpg

They look great

Firstly, they just look great.  I really love the look of the log burner stoves and you can add a shelf and hearth to suit your living space.  Many people choose a slab of real slate or marble, but we decided to choose tiles purely because it was cheaper at the time and we wanted a light colour for our bright and airy living space.  We opted for a chunky oak beam which we actually fitted ourselves at a later date.  We have oak style flooring throughout our home, real oak blinds and oak shelving so it all matches perfectly.

It’s super cosy in the winter

If you want to create ambiance in a room, especially in winter, then there’s nothing better than the glow and crackle of a real log burner.  It provides light as well as warmth.  It’s the ultimate way to make a room cosy during cold dark evenings.

You can find wood for free

We have been ever so lucky in the four years we’ve had our burner as we’ve not had to buy any wood yet!  I’m sure our luck will run out soon, but we’ve sourced every last piece of wood for free.  Ben’s  late mum worked somewhere with woods and would regularly call us to say there was free wood for us to have providing we could chop it up and pick it up.  His brother and dad also moved house and had huge gardens with trees that they cut down which provided us with another source of free wood.  A local business that had loads of trees chopped down left all the wood on the side of the road so Ben was able to collect some.  We’ve also found free wood on Facebook Marketplace that people are happy to get rid of.  And, of course, Ben manages to supply us with kindle from his off cuts in his workshop!

Wood is renewable

One great thing about using a wood burner for heating the home is that it is a renewable energy source.  More trees can be planted and grown to replace the ones cut down.  When buying logs then simply ensure the company is responsibly and sustainably sourcing them.

There are so many reasons to invest in a log burner, these are just a few!

top reasons to invest in a log burner

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