Trenchless pipe relining: how does it work?

No one wants to experience a blocked drain, and in some cases, the blockage might not be a blockage at all, rather a pipe collapse. If the sewer pipe collapses, this will cause an instant blockage, and you will very soon have waste backing up into your property. The main cause of a sewer pipe collapse is invasive tree roots, which gradually exert pressure onto the pipe, eventually causing it to cave in. Other causes include general wear and tear, when the pipes are so old, they naturally degrade until the sides cave in.

CCTV drain inspection

When a drain is blocked, the technician will send down a special, go-anywhere remote controlled vehicle that houses CCTV cameras into the blocked drain London, thus allowing the technician to see the blockage. If it is a regular blockage, high pressure water is channelled down the pipes to clear the obstruction, and should the technician decide that the pipe is damaged, he would recommend using a relining sleeve.

Trenchless sewer pipe relining

Watching the team carry out trenchless pipe relining in Sydney is an interesting experience, as the pipe lining enters the drain in its deflated state, and when it reaches the right location, the pipe is inflated, sticking to the sides of the old pipe. This provides a new inner lining, which is much cheaper than replacing the original pipe section, and the company that uses inner sewer pipe relining can expertly guide the lining through the drain until it is in position.

Inflating the lining

First, the right length of lining is cut, and then it is soaked in a special resin, before being sent down the drain using compressed air, and within a few hours, the resin is cured and the inner pipe relining is complete. There is an art to doing this, and an experienced drain cleaner would be able to position the sleeve in the exact location, and then allow it to cure, which hardens the sleeve that is now producing a new inner sleeve surface for the waste material to run through.

No more digging

The great thing about sleeve relining is the fact that there is no need to dig up the ground and replace the broken piping, and this saves you a lot of money. If your property is old, the drain pipes might be very worn, and rather than going to the huge expense of replacing the worn sewer pipes, simply contact a company that specialises in inner sleeve relining and they can inspect the inner pipes and quote you for the repair. Trenchless pipe relining is a state-of-the-art sewer repair that really does save a lot on critical sewer pipe repairs, and if you would like to explore the potential that this revolutionary system can offer, all it takes to make contact with a local provider is a Google search.

Long-lasting repairs

Inner sleeve sewer pipe relining lasts for many years, and with a completely new inner pipe surface, your drains will flow like never before. This lining is specially formulated to provide a smooth, non-stick surface, so it really is a fit and forget solution to blocked drains.

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