Two pieces of decor that add a higher depth

In society today we can have quite a strange way of looking at décor.  I’m sure it’s caused by consumerism and profit making companies, but many of us don’t tend to have a personal style that we stick to.  We rely on trends and what’s in season right now to decorate our homes.  This way of shopping for décor is not dissimilar to the environment destroying trend of fast fashion.  There are cheap décor shops popping up all over the place and we can change our minds every few months as it’s so cheap to replace everything.  This is not good for our wallets in the long run and not good for the environment.

We also depend on magazines to tell us what to have in our homes.  Sure, interior magazines are useful to inspire us, but we should really decide for ourselves what our own style is and what sort of home environment we are comfortable living in.

Two pieces of decor that adds a higher depth


In this blog post I am going to explore two décor ideas that can add a higher depth to your home; vertical ways to add interest instead of horizontal which is how we usually look at decorating our properties.  Plus these two ideas are timeless.  They can withstand passing trends and look great in all seasons.

Tiered plant stand

Plants in the home are a very healthy thing to have. Your home is injected with a dosage of powerful green and you also have a natural smell as well as purified air. Plants may at first seem boring to some, but they are far from this.  They provide a function as well as some beautiful natural décor.  There are so many ways to show off plants now from hanging pots, oversized woven baskets and more.  A tiered plant stand rises in verticality and provides the opportunity to have different kinds of style of plant and pot. Stacked one on top of the other, the stand itself also plays a part in your decor as well as the plants. You can have traditional multi-layered plant stands that are made from wood and have birds, vines and pillars carved into them. Or you can opt for something industrial such as brass or copper, depending on what would suit the rest of your décor.


When you hear the word lantern then you may think of something like Sherlock Holmes coming downstairs during the night to investigate a noise whilst carrying a lantern of some kind. Lanterns have been making a comeback in recent years with garden lanterns a popular way to light warm summer evenings and provide a suitable ambiance.  Indoor large floor lanterns look great clustered with smaller designs in front of a fireplace with candles inside.  More permanent fixtures are vintage style lanterns that can be placed in corners of your rooms. These antique-style lanterns can be customised to your liking, such as choosing the size, the finish of the metal, the flex and indeed the type of bulb such as LED which is more environmentally friendly.

There’s not enough experimenting with height in our home decor. Plants that rise upwards and can be layered to create bursts of nature indoors, as well as a healthy environment should definitely be a popular home feature in upcoming eco-conscious years.  Lanterns are also beautiful ways to light our homes and can be styles in various vertical positions throughout our homes to light our way and beautify our homes.  When decorating our homes we should really be thinking of decor that will stand the test of time and not something we will bore of in a month or so.

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