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Upgrading your kitchen? Here’s some inspiration

These days, people tend to spend on average about 61 minutes per day in their kitchen, preparing meals for them and their families. This has more than halved compared to their parents. However, with modern home layouts evolving, kitchens are becoming more open plan, integrating with dinning areas and living spaces. They’re becoming a place where the family can congregate, socialise and entertain themselves so there’s no surprise people want them to look great and be functional. A kitchen upgrade can help change your existing space into a haven for everyone to enjoy.

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It’s only natural that you make the most out of your kitchen space. Upgrading your kitchen is one of the most common renovations as it’s part of the common area in most open-plan homes. If you’re searching for ideas check out Trade Radiators.

Add a Kitchen Island

Adding a kitchen island is a great way to make your cooking space the focal point as everything seems more balanced. However, you will require more space as adding an island to a small kitchen will do more harm than good.

Adding high-quality countertops that are paired with ceramic tile or wood.

kitchen island

Most modern kitchen spaces are equipped with an island and this adds a wow factor as the space appears to be bigger.

This is one of the best ways to use open-plan space as it makes a big difference especially when paired with tall bar stools.

Remove your Upper Cabinets

The upper kitchen cabinets are usually the first things that are changed during a kitchen renovation. However, removing the cabinets can free up a lot more wall space while sacrificing storage space.

If you don’t want to go that route, embrace the modern look and remove the cabinet doors for a cleaner look.

kitchen shelves

Open shelving is another great example of using wall space efficiently. This allows you to show off the rest of the kitchen wall while embracing a more industrial edge.

No more white cabinets and awkward spaces inside, shelves are the future.

Upgrade your Appliances

Your appliances could easily transform your current space into an energy-efficient area without sacrificing the aesthetic of the product.

There are plenty of retro-themed and stainless steel appliances on the market and these usually go very well with the dream decor that you have planned inside your head.

Modern appliances also allow you to get things done quickly and they’re more reliable than the relics of the early 2000s.

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Some brands are working towards producing appliances made from natural materials, which could be perfect for a country kitchen.

Repair and clean existing appliances

Before you start replacing old kitchen equipment and appliances take a quick look at repair costs and replacement parts for your existing items. We have an old oven where the heating element stopped working so we started looking for a replacement. Costs were averaging at around £750 which struck us as a little out of budget. So I decided to look at how easy it was to replace a heating element myself. It turned out that a simple £15 part could easily be swapped out within 10 minutes. It was a no-brainer really. This, along with a deep oven clean for £70 left us with a ‘like new’ oven.

Likewise, you can hire someone to repair appliances that have plenty of life left in them. With a quick online search, you can find a local repair company for just this reason and save yourself loads of money. For example, search for Refrigerator Repair Sacramento and you’ll get a list of qualified companies or engineers perfect for this type of work.

Try a Coat of Paint – or Not

A fresh coat of paint works wonders for any part of your home, but before you decide on a colour, take a look at the way your kitchen is lit and how much natural light is coming in. Before starting your renovation work, ensure you choose a reputable brand of kitchen paint.

A darker hue might not be a great idea if you have small windows, whereas a light shade will make all the difference.

If you’re not planning to paint, the exposed brick wall has become very popular with many kitchen remodel ideas.

This is usually a better option as it requires less maintenance and it’s easy to work with, especially in a spacious kitchen.

Upgrade Kitchen Lighting

If you’re looking for a way to improve a small space and make it look bigger, downsize the dining table and chairs and add some extra lighting.

Modern kitchens usually feature fitted ceiling lights, hanging lights or task lighting that work perfectly fine when cooking.

hanging lighting

This is the best way to upgrade your interior on a budget as you’ll make a big difference with minimal work.

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