Ways to store and display jewellery at home

We may want to make our home look like it’s out of a magazine, but our homes also need living in. We often have a lot of belongings and they need somewhere to be.

One room where clutter and mess can easily build up is our bedrooms. Clothes, shoes, accessories and jewellery can often end up strewn across the room and surfaces, This can quickly make a room appear untidy and disorganised. So what’s the solution?

Well, clothes and accessories are easy as we can easily buy wardrobes and drawers to store these in. Then it’s just a matter of putting them away properly. And ensuring used garments are thrown into a laundry bin instead of the floor.

Shoes can be stacked in boxes at the bottom or top of a wardrobe, or left on shoe shelves in a porch or you can even create under stairs cupboards to store your shoes out of sight.

But what about jewellery? How can we store or display jewellery at home?

Jewellery can’t simply be thrown in a drawer or onto a shelf as it will quickly become a tangled mess with all the chains, hooks and clasps. If you have a large collection of jewellery and some fine pieces like a personalised necklace then you may want to display it proudly, properly and in a way that keeps it organised and easily accessible.

If tangled piles of jewellery are taking over your bedroom shelves then here are lots of ideas and inspiration for how to organise, store and display your jewellery at home.

How to store organise display jewellery at home
How to store organise display jewellery at home

Create a wooden rustic frame to display jewellery

If you’re crafty then create a beautiful wooden frame to hand your necklaces and bracelets from. Done right this will also make a beautiful feature on your bedroom wall.

You could also buy a ready-made picture frame from a store and remove the glass and backing so you are left with the outer frame only.

It’s a great way to show off your beautiful jewellery collection and also to easily find a locket or bracelet as you can see it all in one place.

Use a jewellery coat hanger

This is another pretty way to hang and also display your jewellery. You can proudly display it on the back of a door or front of a wardrobe door on a special jewellery coat hanger. This is a coat hanger with some additional hooks to drape your pendants and bracelets from.

You can even hang these in your wardrobe on the hanging rail if you want to, especially if you have lots of necklaces and need a few of these special hangers!

How to store organise display jewellery at home

Store jewellery in its original box

One simple way to keep jewellery in good condition and to maintain its value, is to keep its original box and store it safely out of sight and away from dust and light to keep it in best condition.

If you have a collection of fine jewellery then keeping the original box will help to maintain its value should you wish to sell it in the future.

Make sure you insure any jewellery that is valuable and keep it in a safe place in your home. Fashion jewellery of low value is great to display or incorporate into your decor, however valuable jewellery or jewellery with meaning should be safely stored out of sight.

Some boxes for fine jewellery are also very beautiful and a part of the jewellery experience.


Hang jewellery on hooks

A simple but effective way to organise and store your jewellery. Hooks aren’t just for coats and keys, but you can find all sorts of different hooks in various sizes that are perfect for also storing jewellery and accessories in your bedroom.

Fix them directly to the wall or back of door, or if you want them out of sight then to the inner side of your wardrobe and cupboard doors.

ways to organise jewellery display at home
ways to organise jewellery display at home

Jewellery stands

These are ideal to display jewellery on your dresser. They are made to show off your jewellery and are a feature in themselves. Simply buy a stand that matches your bedroom decor and it will become a part of your decor!

ways to organise jewellery display at home

Plastic craft organiser boxes

If you have an abundance of fashion jewellery then you may need some extra storage other than those which you can display as decor in your bedroom. If these stands are overflowing and you’re running out of space then craft shops sell some great plastic boxes with dividers inside to easily separate and organise your jewellery.

Literally in any drawer

Any drawer can easily be turned into an organised jewellery storage solution by using a drawer divider. You can buy a readymade divider or create your own using different length strips of plywood.

ways to organise jewellery display at home
ways to organise jewellery display at home

The classic jewellery box

To easily store a few pieces of jewellery then a traditional jewellery box looks beautiful on any dresser and remains a classic.

Some jewellery boxes will already have special compartments for certain types of jewellery such as slits for rings, so you can easily see your jewellery and stop it from becoming tangled in the box.

antique jewellery box AC Silver

Photo credit & permission: ACSilver.co.uk

Antique jewellery box

Of course you can choose a modern jewellery box to keep your precious jewels in, but how about an antique jewellery box with a story to tell?

This stunning antique jewellery box is from AC Silver and just one of many antique jewellery boxes they have for sale.

It’s a gorgeous piece of home decor in itself, as well as a practical way to store your most precious pieces.

ways to organise jewellery display at home

Wire rods for storing earrings

Dangly earrings can be trickier to store on other jewellery displays, so they made need their own organisation system. If you have lots of dangly earrings then fixing a wire rod to the inside of your wardrobe doors or a cupboard door will work perfectly.

Ring dish

A ring dish is an easy way to store the rings you wear the most on your dresser. It doesn’t have to specifically be a ‘ring dish’ either. You could find a pretty vintage saucer from an antiques store or even a teacup.

ways to organise jewellery display at home

Even more jewellery storage ideas

Phew! If that’s not enough to inspire you to go and organise your jewellery and store it beautifully, then here are some more suggestions:

  • Store small pieces of jewellery like bracelets, brooches and rings in egg boxes to keep each piece easily separated – upcycle the cartons and make them beautiful as a fun craft project
  • Use a small tiered cake tray as a pretty and unique way to display jewellery on a dresser
  • Use cup hooks underneath shelves in your bedroom to hang necklaces and bracelets

Whether you choose to make something yourself or buy a readymade jewellery storage solution, there are lots of ways to creatively store and organise jewellery in your home!

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Ways to store and display jewellery at home


  1. Really great ideas here, especially the picture frame and clothes hanger which are very artistic. I think like a lot of us I have the most trouble with necklaces, I store my jewelry in one little box to maintain them so I think I’ll have to try a drawer with the little dividers. Thanks for writing this post!

    • Another simple idea I used to do was to simply screw in little hooks on the inside of my wardrobe to hang my necklaces and stop them tangling. I always found mine would get so tangled when I kept them in a box. Thanks for reading and I’m glad you found the post inspiring 🙂

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