Ways you can create a beautiful garden in a small space

In this article, we will be showing you tips on how to maximise the existing space in your garden. We will also explore essential garden landscaping techniques that will help you improve your garden design and customise your garden space. The key to transforming your garden revolves around your borders, paving and decking. 

Since the garden is known to hike up the value of properties, we strongly recommend you redesign your garden to better its outlook. This will also positively impact the crop yield and the total planting experience.  And if you are short of space, we got you covered.  You can hire companies for landscaping in Essex, or your hometown, to do all this for you, or you can improve your garden yourself if you have the time and skills.

Here’s how to create a beautiful garden in a small space:

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Miniature garden ideas

‘Miniature’ means tiny.

So, a miniature garden literally means a really, really small garden. It is a style of gardening that concentrates on the small-scale growing of gardens.

This gardening technique utilises dwarf plants, flowers and scrub. They are planted together with flowering shrubs, perennials and undergrowth that form the garden groundcover. 

For the miniature garden to be complete, you can add a ‘man-made’ garden furnishing to maximise space, for example, stools, a bird bath or a birdhouse. 

Here are lots of ideas to inspire you.


Decking is an excellent option for flooring your miniature garden, although you might be worried about moisture, splintering and high maintenance. Composite decking material, made of recycled plastic and wood chips, is a great alternative to wooden decking materials. It is durable, eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. 

Go minimalist 

Gardens are ornamental by nature. For small spaces, minimalist garden designs are a visually appealing but affordable way of growing a garden, taking advantage of small spaces, being creative and decorating your walls in a streamlined way. 

The word ‘minimalist’ connotes a sense of simplicity and stylishness, a principle that can work well from your garden. The keyword is ‘declutter’, which means an organised way of redecorating and leaving out unnecessary things.

The minimalist garden design revolves around lines and simple colour. You will have to seek a small but spacious area to design your garden, trim the blooms and shrubs and plant a trail of flowering creepers on a lattice, trellis or wrought iron. 

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Think upwards

If your garden is tiny, then think upwards.  Utilise the fences or walls to grow climbers and use wall hung plant pots to maximise the space available for beautiful plants and flowers.

Instil tropical aesthetics in your garden

The tropics are associated with merriment, vivaciousness, energy and succulence. With creativity, you can instil tropical features in your small garden. This will improve the soothing and relaxing atmosphere of your garden.

We recommend that you use some materials that reflect tropic aesthetics in your outdoor garden—for example, pebbles, stones or gravel, wood walls, clay pots, bamboo, palms and ferns. 

Other tropical garden materials include wicker, wooden furniture, pottery and waterfall features.

pansies in garden

Flower borders

Another way of creating a beautiful miniature garden is by planting flower bed borders. It is a good way of taking advantage of small space, especially when grown in stages. Flower borders do not need a large space; they can produce a very aesthetic effect even in the smallest garden.

Even if your garden is narrow too, it’s really easy to create a thin flower strip border.  You can plant bulbs like daffodils and tulips to bloom in the spring, or sprinkle wildflower seeds for a taller and wilder border with butterfly and bee attracting flowers.

Garden lighting

A well-lit garden at night can never be boring. It is a place of magic, elation, allure and fascination. If done properly, garden lighting can captivate, titillate and mesmerise you.

The key to achieving an enchanting garden lighting effect is to create a balance ㅡ it should neither be too bright nor too dim.

It is not difficult to create a great garden light effect – adequate planning and placing the light in the right location is a step in the right direction. Garden light can create an illusion of spaciousness as well as adding depth to your garden. 

A lot of gardens use fairy lights or string lights to create a spectacular night time ambience. Solar light is another cost-effect way of lightening your garden and accentuating your garden’s features. Candles and lanterns can also be used to add beauty to your garden. 

For a festival vibe you can always add a wooden pole to the centre of your garden and string festoon bulb lighting from corner to corner and across the middle!  This is a great idea if you like to socialise in the evenings in your garden. You could also add some neon lighting to make a neon feature wall that can create a special themed space in your garden. Companies like Neon Filter can help you create the perfect light for your unique space.

neon light in garden

Garden art and decor

As you may have noticed by this stage, the garden encompasses more than just leaves and soil. This is why many people feel relaxed and find tranquillity in the garden. Gardens ought to be decorated to make them more beautiful and for us to want to spend time in them, otherwise they become a wasted space. Another effective way of decorating your garden is through the use of garden art and decor. 

For instance, a garden sculpture can increase the aesthetic beauty in your garden -these can be freestanding or you can find beautiful garden décor that can hang from trees or be fixed to walls or fences. It doesn’t have to be huge or expensive. Other types of garden decor and arts that can attract nature to your garden too include butterfly puddlers, insect hotels, birdhouses and bee feeders.

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