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What Should You Do When Moving house?

Moving to a new place can be a long and complex process with many different difficulties. Below, you can find a number of tips that can immensely help, making an otherwise daunting experience easier. A house move can be a daunting process but with some careful planning you can make it a bit easier.

Before Moving

One of the first things you should do is deciding what is worth moving.  Free moving advice from the expert might help you to decide. A worn-out chair, a kitchen table that does not fit in with your new kitchen, a TV that needed an upgrade years ago… You can sell, hand out, or just recycle these items to remove the clutter. We managed to sell the majority of our items on Facebook Marketplace and Etsy. Family and friends may also want to take your discarded items.

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Then you can focus on what you really want to take with you. Take extra care with the fragile items and carefully wrap them in a protective layer, such as an air pillow packaging, bubble wrap and cardboard wrap. Plastic wrap, although not good for the environment, is good for protecting soft furnishings like sofas and cushions.

Be sure to them as fragile to make sure they do not get damaged. Grouping items in different boxes and naming these boxes accordingly is another great way to speed up things in the unpacking process.  Have boxes named for grouped items and the destinations rooms will help you when unpacking at the other end.

How to Find a Good Moving Company

Customer reviews posted for the companies always provide a general idea. Besides having good reviews, a good company should suit your needs. If the number of your items are not much, then there is no need for a big truck. Instead, you can just find a man with a van. Taking this aspect into consideration can help in bringing down the price of moving.

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Finding the right company will ensure you have a quick smooth move with all your items arriving safe and in one piece. Loading your heavy items at the bottom of the van and lighter at the top will also help ensure your items do not get damages in transit.

After Moving

Once you get all your items in your new house, the harder part of the process will be over. Now, you can easily get settled down in a week or even less. Just make sure to start with the kitchenware and bedrooms so that you can have a place to cook, eat, and sleep. After that, it is pretty much just a matter of preference in where to start.

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We also wrote on our boxes their priority so that we knew exactly which boxes to unpack first. 1 for items required immediately and 2 for items that could wait until later on in the unpacking process.

If you’re moving to a house that requires a little modernisation or some decorating then it might be worth putting some of your items in storage until this part is done. Storage doesn’t have to be expensive and can save constantly moving boxes around the house whilst you get it up to spec.

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