Where are the best places online to buy upholstery fabric?

Where are the best places online to buy upholstery fabric?

Collaboration with Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Sometimes you imagine a piece of furniture you love, such as a sofa in the perfect colour or print, but you just don’t know where it can be found. So, instead, you might settle for less by buying the same old looking furniture for your living room as many others do from the same old stores.

The uniqueness of your new living room couch quickly fades because it just looks too common.  Your friends, family and neighbours all shop at the same popular homewares and furniture stores and everybody’s living rooms look similar.

When you picture a good looking sofa, you often catch yourself asking where to find it. You scour the internet looking for the perfect design you’ve pictured in your head and frustratingly traipse around sofa store after sofa store, not quite being able to find the exact design you long for.

However, there is another way.

Instead of looking for an ideal one which quite often is nowhere to be found, we can release our creativity and upholster a sofa the very same way we have imagined it!

Upholster your dream sofa!

If you can’t quite find those perfect chairs or the perfect sofa then choosing to upholster your existing chairs or sofa is the perfect way to refresh your décor and end up with your dream design.

However, due to the time it takes to buy upholstery fabric in stores, and the lack of knowledge on how to upholster, people tend to be discouraged. 

Yet, there’s nothing to worry about! It’s easy to buy the fabric you need online and you can even find free tutorials online to learn how to upholster if you fancy giving it a go yourself.  If not, then simply find a local upholstering company or even seamstress who offers the service.  It’ll be worth it to get the exact furniture you desire!

Yorkshire Fabric Shop is an upholstery fabric shop in Yorkshire that has a worldwide online store for all your special fabric needs. They specialise in producing fabrics that are very durable and of high quality. Buying your upholstery fabrics at Yorkshire Fabric Shop is very convenient; each fabric has details from the variety to its composition, so you’ll know exactly what your fabrics are made of. 

Here are more reasons to buy your upholstery fabric from Yorkshire Fabric Shop:

Where are the best places online to buy upholstery fabric?

Endless varieties

If you’re looking for a certain fabric for your upholstery, Yorkshire Fabric Shop displays their endless collections online. You can search from quality upholstery fabrics such as velvet, textured weave, linen, suede, chenille and more!

Colours and patterns

If you’re artsy enough to have your room appear more creative, Yorkshire Fabric Shop offers varieties of fabrics in different kinds of colours and patterns.

For the minimalist at heart, you can choose from their plain colours, from bright and bold to dark or soothing.

Also, they have different patterns, laser cuts and patches; they just have it all.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop is the go-to shop for all your artsy upholstery fabric needs!


Sometimes it can be a hassle buying online because of the risks; your purchased items can be easily damaged and is not long lasting.

However, at Yorkshire Fabric Shop’s online store, you can make sure your fabrics are of high quality.

They even display their rub test so you’ll know how durable and heavy-duty your fabrics are! 

The quality of fabrics are proven to be strong and the shop also has their own fabric mill that you can visit for quality assurance.

Where are the best places online to buy upholstery fabric?

Fabric finder

If you’re not sure what fabric to choose from, as the choice is just so amazing, then use their handy fabric finder to filter down the results.

Simply choose the colour palette you desire along with the texture/material and any patterns you prefer.  You’ll then be presented with a great choice of upholstery fabrics to inspire you to find your perfect match.

Shopping for your upholstery fabric doesn’t need to be a hassle. Yorkshire Fabric Shop displays all of their fabrics online so you’ll enjoy fabric hunting in the comforts of your own home. Imagine shopping for the best upholstery fabrics while watching your favourite TV show; ordering from them is just one click away.  Bring your dream furniture designs to reality!

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