Why being green at home is worth it

Going as green as possible is big news right now.  We are destroying our home, planet Earth, and we need to start being environmentally friendly, starting in our own homes.  To some people going eco-friendly at home may feel like a lot of effort and perhaps a bit daunting, but there are lots of ways to start making a difference.  Even a small change can make a big difference if everyone makes the change.

It’s true that going green will take time and sometimes money, but it can certainly be worth it in the long run. Here are some of the greatest benefits.

Why being green at home is worth it


Saving money

It’s true, by going green you can save an absolute fortune. At first there may be an upfront cost, but over time you will make it back and even more.  For example, by installing solar panels you will be able to slash your electricity bills, particularly in the summer, as you use energy from the sun instead.  Also, if you own the solar panels outright then any extra energy you generate can be sold back to the grid making you a nice bit of extra income each year.

Getting rid of junk

Through repurposing and up-cycling you can turn that junk and unwanted furniture in your home into something rather spectacular instead.  If you have some unwanted metal then don’t throw it into landfill, instead you might find that some metal recyclers will even pay you for any and all materials that you provide from them. So, you won’t just save money by going green, you can even make money too! Instead of sending unwanted textiles to landfill you should always recycle them by giving them to charity shops who can sell them to the rag trade if they can’t be reused.

Staying healthy

You might think that you should stop using harmful chemicals to clean your home to protect the environment. But there’s another benefit here, and that’s for your health. How often do you clean the oven? Did you know that the chemicals inside most oven cleaners are toxic and will linger in the air hours after you have finished cleaning? It’s true and that’s why you should start investing in natural cleaning methods.  Lemon juice and vinegar, as well as baking soda, are all ingredients that can make a great natural kitchen cleaner for your home. There are so many guides online that will show you how to easily clean your home naturally.

Focusing on the future

Finally, you might be thinking about the future of your property. Well, there’s good news there because buyers love the idea of purchasing a green friendly home. If you can make the changes now, you will make sure your property is very valuable when it does eventually hit the market.  Making sure your home has double (or even triple glazing) and proper insulation, for example, will make your home more energy efficient, cost effective and appealing to a buyer in the future.

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Why being green at home is worth it


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