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Why buy furniture from Wood Create?

There are many furniture brands and independent furniture makers out there, big high street names such as Oak Furniture Land, Next, John Lewis and many more, but I’d like to share with you a few reasons why Wood Create could be a great option for your next dining suite, living room coffee table or home office furniture.

Located in a small suburb on the outskirts of Gloucester, near the heart of the Cotswolds, Wood Create designs and create’s their stunning range of industrial, rustic furniture.  Our small garden workshop is the setting for the design, manufacture and marketing of all the latest pieces, not to mention the starting point of the Wood Create journey.  Small but humble beginnings.

But why choose furniture from Wood Create?

Reclaim is our aim

Wood is a fantastic material to work with.  It’s so warming and brings a natural feel to any home interior decor.  However, in todays climate we face a real challenge in protecting our worlds ecosystems and ever shrinking forests.  Sustainability is Wood Create’s main goal.

Yes we can buy sustainably sourced materials that are certified by PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and FCS (Forest Stewardship Council), but how sustainable are they?

We all need to be very carefully when selecting wood for our projects.  Hardwoods such as oak and walnut are very slow growing trees which need to be managed very carefully, whereas softwoods such as pine and spruce are fast growing and much easier to manage.  They do however still require large areas to be harvested, which destroys natural habitats for wildlife and has a greater impact on the carbon levels within the soil. So whilst some timber is labelled sustainable, it’s not always completely environmentally friendly.

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Wood Create now only uses 100% reclaimed wood for all its products,  wood that would otherwise be scrapped, burnt or chopped up into smaller pieces and left to rot.  This well used timber is rescued, carefully sanded and treated to live another life as a beautiful piece of furniture.

Reduced transport costs and CO2

When buying from big brand companies there is often very little information on where the materials have been sourced and manufactured.  And large corporations aren’t very open about this either.  It’s quite likely that materials for these products are sourced from America or Canada, shipped to China for manufacturing, then shipped to the UK showrooms for you to buy.  Just think of the distance and CO2 that is contributed to that lovely dining table before it gets to your dining room!  It’s pretty scary.

All of Wood Create’s materials are sourced within 10 miles of our workshop.  We also only ship within the UK and target customers as close to home as possible.  50% of our current sales are within 30 miles of our workshop.  With this in mind we probably produces less than 1% equivalent CO2 emissions, per order, compared to the big brands.

30 miles from Wood Create

Small business

Buying from Wood Create means you are supporting a small family business with an ethical outlook to the manufacturing process.  Yes, we have plans to expand the business, but only look to expand enough to be able to support a comfortable lifestyle for both us and our employees.  Not like the greedy CEO’s and Executives of large corporations thats primary focus is to make millions whilst paying their staff near minimum wage.  You can help support small ethical business like Wood Create, help keep money in the local economy and stop feeding the big greedy corporations.

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Rustic quality

Wood Create focuses on quality with all its products.  Each piece of reclaimed wood is carefully selected, cleared of nails, staples and other obstructions, sanded to a smooth 400 grit, then stained with a protective coat of oil wax.  This loving process ensures our pieces are durable, long lasting and can be enjoyed for years to come.  We check each piece carefully before it leaves our workshop and only use small independent couriers who take care of the furniture during transit.  Our steel legs are also high quality and are painted using the powder coating process which leaves a much tougher, smooth and durable finish than standard spray painting.

Customer focus

We care deeply about our business and want it to be a success, that’s why we offer the highest level of customer service.  We listen to your requirements, offer help and advise when choosing your desired products and deliver the best quality furniture we can.  After sales support is also highly important.  We want customers to be 100% happy with their purchase and do everything possible to keep it that way.  We are available to chat through any queries via email, phone and instant messaging.

Unique items

All our designs evolved through extensive studying and attention to the latest trends in the market.  Taking a mix of old rustic themes and modern industrial styles, we blend and design furniture to make truly individual pieces.  Inspired by mid-century, Scandinavian design, New York industrial apartments from the 80s and 90s and the beautiful patina of rustic farmhouse furniture, we find the perfect styles for a host of different interior decors.

We even offer bespoke items and offer design consultations to help our customers create the exact style they desire.

Know your maker

Get to know me and my family with regular updates on my website and Instagram stories.  Our furniture isn’t mass produced in a factory in China by a faceless robot, it’s lovingly handmade in the UK with a story and exciting journey to share.  Your custom and support brings joy to me and my family, I remember making my first sale and the excitement that went along with that.  That same excitement still exists today, which is shared during evening family meals and during family or friends conversations.

Wood Create family
Four waterfall walk in the Brecon Beacons

Each order taken by Wood Create provides access to our build process and we like to send our customers a few images of the furniture as it takes shape in our workshop.  From dirty old discarded boards through to the finished product.  Our customers find this little touch a nice extra to their personalised finished item.


Put simply, we love what we do here at Wood Create and this passion is evident in our work.  Trust, quality, reliability and honesty are our brands key identities.  It’s what makes us great and how we intend to work for years to come.

If you like our products and want to support a local small business then please get in touch to see what we can do for your home.

Thanks for reading

Ben, Designer and creator at Wood Create

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